Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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1.  Clean
1 Rep Max

2.  “Grace”
For time:
30 Clean and Jerks (135, 95)

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  1. Did this one at home today – 7:15 with 115lbs
    Max clean 155

  2. Justin, I’m there all week at 6 if you guys want to come in.

    Two PR’s today…1. 215…failed on 225, 2. 3:54

    I found it really helped taking the time before to work on technique. Grace doesn’t take that long, make use of the hour that you’re there and work on the technique…build some strength up while doing so. When you come back down to do the WOD it will feel lighter!

  3. Well, after a week on the road for work, I came back to “Grace”! Ouch!

    WOD 2:59 @ Rx’d

    Mark A. set the bar today at 2:48 @ Rx’d which is awesome!

    PR’d a 135# snatch after the WOD, so pretty happy about today’s workout.

  4. 2:33 as Rx’d 3 seconds slower this time.. Worked on hanging power cleans with 185Lbs instead of the 1 rep max.

  5. Couldn’t decide on 115lbs or go for Rx’d. After a few minutes of back and forth, and a little peer pressure, I went for Rx’d. No turning back now.

    Time: 5:42 as Rx’d
    Last time I did Grace: 4:32 @ 95lbs

    Now for some fun math. I’m about to geek-out hardcore. This is for you, Wayne:
    Which workout did I perform better by CrossFit standards?
    A lighter weight faster or a heavier weight slower?

    First, some definitions. ‘Work’ is the amount of weight multiplied by the distance it is moved. ‘Power’ is the rate at which ‘Work’ is performed so we need a time component. To move a barbell from the floor to over my head C&J style, the distance is 6.29 feet.

    Tonight’s Grace:
    135lbs x 6.29ft = 849.4 foot-lbs
    It took me 342 seconds to do it 30 times.
    849.4 foot-lbs/342 seconds = 2.48 ft-lbs/s

    My last Grace:
    95lbs x 6.29ft = 597.7 foot-lbs (less work)
    It took me 272 seconds to do it 30 times. (less time)
    597.7 foot-lbs/272 seconds = 2.2 ft-lbs/s (but less power)

    2.48 > 2.2 so by CrossFit standards for Power, I improved.

    Geek-out over.
    I’m sorry.

    Wait. I have more.

    In order for me to generate one horsepower doing Grace as Rx’d, I’d have to do it in 1.54 seconds.

  6. PTP:
    Deadlift 245×5, 235×5
    Press 90×5, 80×5

    4:09 @ 95lbs

  7. PTP: DL 5*135,120 PRESS 5*60, 55

    WOD: 3:33 WITH 75 LBS

    LAST TIME : 3:51 WITH 65 LBS

  8. Michelle lies, her last grace:

    5:51 with 75lbs on May 20

  9. Nick/Michelle…what’s “PTP” ?

  10. It’s based on Pavel Tsatsouline’s Power to the People

    Basically we took the strength work posted here:

    It’s 4 times/week deadlifting and pressing. The idea is you start at 60% of your one rep max and increment in a 2 steps forward, 1 step back wave. Using a weight light enough to focus on pretty form for 3-5 reps for 1 set, then doing a second at 90% of the first.

  11. This is a copy of the spreadsheet I made for myself, just to estimate where I would end up in the end. Sheet 1 was filled out with starting stats, sheet 2 auto populated. The yellow cells were where I didn’t feel my press was ready to advance, so I stepped things back a bit.