Thursday, November 4, 2010

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 5 rounds of:
Every 4 minutes complete:
400 meter Run
12 Toe to Bars

In this workout you will run 400 meters as fast as possible and then immediately complete 12 Toes to Bars.  Record your time and rest until the 4 minute mark, when you will begin your next run.  Record times for each of the seven intervals.

To clarify, if your run and T2B only take 2:30 sec….your rest period is the remainder of the 3 min interval. RECORD YOUR TIMES OF EACH ROUND!  Easiest way to work the times out would be to record rest time left before start of next…

Post times to comments


  1. Sometimes I really hate rest days. This one looks very interesting.

  2. Decided to do this fully Rx’d for the heck of it. Run was great and T2B was tough but doable.
    May have to get Mike to buy a “Cow Catcher” for our lunch time runner’s as we almost had a couple high velocity impacts today…Not that there’s anything wrong with that… ;o)