Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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 Wayne comes clean on the nutrition challenge….and fulfills the “motivational consequence” … fresh start is coming.
Welcome 2 new members to our community. Chris and Aaron both completed their fundamentals last night and are ready to go.
Today’s WOD
1.  Deadlift 
3 Rep Max

 2.  “Car Bomb

21-15-9 reps for time of:
C2B Pull ups
Box Jumps, 24″
There  is a 5 minute cap on this workout.  This is not a “grind-it-out WOD”.  This should be an all out sprint.  If you don’t have good chest to bar pull ups, do standard pull ups, or even jumping.  If you can’t rip through 24″ Box jumps, use a 20″ box or even lower.  
 And just to add, we will be having a WOD Thursday, Nov 11 at 6pm. All are welcome.
Wear something red, or all red if possible. Red is the color chosen to represent the blood that has been spilt in the various battles for our freedom.


  1. Is there a class in the AM tomorrow?

  2. Yes, we are there for 6am….be there with your game face woman!

  3. Death by deadlift at 205lbs.

    Russell – 10 Rounds
    Gord – 11 Rounds

    21-15-9 reps for time of:
    C2B Pull ups
    Box Jumps, 24?

    Russell – 4:40
    Gord – 4:23

  4. So I am having a great birthday. I got five doubleunders in a row last night and made a 30inch tire jump this morning with minor injuries WOOHOO!! Thanks Mike and John

    • It’s your birthday??? Wow. We always have something special for the birthday people. We’ll deliver upon your next appearance

  5. Happy Birthday Heather!

  6. Here’s some suggestions from some members of the CrossFit community about Oly shoes….

    Jon Gilson – Please stop deadlifting in your Oly Shoes. It’s like sprinting in galoshes.

    Explanation: The purpose of Oly Shoes is to keep you vertical in the bottom of your squat and during your jerk dip/drive, as well as to amplify force transfer from the hip to the barbell. To do this, they elevate the heel. While granting an advantage in Oly, the elevated heel is a decided disadvantage while deadlifting. In Oly, most folks are C&J/Snatching; much less than they can deadlift from the ground, so the disadvantage is less pronounced.

    Suggestion for alternatives: chucks, bare feet, vibrams… anything that doesn’t give you a heel tilt forward.

    Mark Rippetoe: “Let me clarify: those of you with WL shoes with extremely high heels like the several versions of DoWins floating around under several different names will have trouble deadlifting in them…. The heels are so high that the bar literally cannot be pulled from a position over the middle of the foot. These shoes are not usable for DLing, and they’ll need to be cut down to about 5/8″ heels. When they are, they work much better than CTs or barefoot, because a little heel helps with the use of the quads off the floor.”

    -Jon Gilson Number of world record deads pulled with heels on? Zero. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5groVHlMkRE. Number of world record deadlifters produced by Mark Rippetoe’s theories on physics: zero.

    Or check the starting strength forum

  7. I’m liking the incorporated strength stuff at the beginning of the workouts – benefits everyone!

    Deadlift (actual) 3RM:
    Warmup: 135×5, 185×5, 225×5
    Work: 275×3, 290×3, 300×3

    then, another Jon Ross-inspired attempt at a 1RM:
    Current PR: 320lbs
    Attempt: 330lbs (PR!)
    Attempt: 340lbs (PR!)

    WOD: DNF with 3 reps to go as Rx’d….those C2B’s were brutal! 😀

  8. WOD: 57 reps of 90…I got “Car Bombed” :o(

    Big thanks to Jon for the kipping lesson. Will practice daily before each WOD!!

  9. I think the strength stuff is definitely a plus, we can always get stronger and it helps us get through those grinder wods! Instead of working or practicing on something you’re already good at before the wod, why not work on something you can improve on…technique…mobility….strength…the point is not to suck at anything! If you suck at squats…squat. If you suck at hip extension…mobilize the hip…easy.

    325 3 rep on DL (plus I thought I’d sneak in a max effort…..360 PR!)
    3:50 on the WOD

    To those going tonight, think about your strategy, don’t gas yourself out doing 42 reps right off the word go…we saw one of our big hitters today gas out early because he went hard on the first round and didn’t finish…egos at the door!

  10. BRUTAL today… C2B pullups killed me!
    Managed 63 of 90 reps
    Having a “helper” to count for you is really great! Not only do you not have to worry about counting but it’s like you have your own personal motivator to push you to keep going and help you get more rubberbands when your arms feel like they’re going to fall off…

  11. that was definitely a good one…
    Thanks to Greg for helping me with my DL form!
    did 3 @95, 3@125, 3@155, 3@ 175, 3@185
    WOD was 4:48 (used band & 4×45 plates for jumps)
    at some point i’ll get something rx’d 🙂

  12. PTP:
    Deadlift: 245×5, 220×5
    Press: 90×5, 80×5

    WOD: DNF – 78 reps using #2 band and 24″ box. I even tried to pace myself with the C2B pull ups.

  13. I hope you ladies appreciate how great you are doing. It’s great to see new people accomplish so much and maintain a great attitude to learn more.
    It’s always fun to train people with that mentality.

    Did this at 6pm.
    3 rep DL – 405lbs
    Went for a 1 rep max. Did 215lbs felt questionably ok.
    Decided to go for a PR of 440lbs. First attempt…not so much.
    Thanks to a great observation by Greg, I ‘fixed’ my problem and got it!
    New PR – 440lbs

    Did the WOD and had some challenges with the C2B pu – Finished at 4:48
    Not happy with that.