Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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A few things to cover.

  1. We will be hosting a WOD tomorrow at 6pm. Please wear something RED to honor our fallen heros. The WOD will be a hero WOD…so show me your war face! AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  2. We will be hosting an Information session and Trial WOD on Saturday at 10am…this is followed by regular member WOD.
  3. And it’s the second week of the month…if you haven’t paid yet…please don’t make me ask you.

Take a second to watch these videos below…it’s on Vimeo and should be work compliant.

1.  Press
1 rep Max

2.  “Clam Digger” reps for time of:
Push Press (115, 80)
200 meter Run

Post time and comments

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  1. Greg and I are going to be hot in our dresses for this one!

  2. Do tell which work out you plan to attend 😛

  3. I believe I’ll be hitting the 6pm session… sexy dress and all…. I’m not shaving the legs though…sorry 🙂

  4. Happy to see that you’ve chosen a day with running to wear a dress.

  5. The next time someone asks “running” or “mountain climbers”? I think I’ll take the running!!!
    Used to love the climbers, however, after 800 reps I no longer garner much affection for them anymore.
    When your grinding out push presses thinking the whole time you have to drop down and do 80 more MC’s you’re FUBAR baby!!!

    WOD 15:30

  6. Really proud of myself after today’s WOD!
    1 RM Press @ 75lbs (with a little help maybe…)
    WOD 24:28 with 65lb push press for 10 & 9 then 55lbb for the rest
    Best part about it is I pushed myself to actually run for most of the runs which is a big accomplishment! Yay!

  7. Awesome job Leah!!!

    Thanks for the heads up on the MC’s Ray…I wouldn’t have touched those with a 10′ pole anyway! 🙂

    Press: and the PR’s continue….145lbs (+10lbs) PR!

    I went for 147lbs but taught everyone a lesson, including myself, that we should always use collars when going overhead…oops. Won’t happen again.

    WOD: 16:28 as Rx’d

  8. PTP:
    Deadlift: 255×5, 230×5
    Press: 95×4, 85×5

    WOD: 19:58 @ 95lbs

  9. 17:56 as Rx’d
    Press was 195 failed on the Pr attempt at 200