Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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Please bring it as soon as you can.


3 Rounds for time of:
10 Deadlifts (275, 185)
50 Double Unders

2. Star Jumps

3 sets of 20 reps full star jumps. Not for time but emphasize hip drive.

Post results and comments


  1. Another intense workout today!

    DL @ 275 llbs
    SU @ 450 reps

    WOD 5:55

    Tossed an extra 10 reps @ 275llbs for endurance then did the Star Jumps. I think I will avoid stairs for the rest of the day…Ouch!

  2. WOD: 250lbs & Double Unders

    This workout crushed me mentally. Sorry about losing my mind a little.

  3. 12:?? as Rx’d.. I really hate deadlifts. Greg I think I seen your mind outside the iceberg pub having a smoke and a beer!! Mine was right beside yours

  4. 20 something… I hate double unders… and if it makes you feel any better Greg I tossed my rope a few times.

  5. 5:20 Rx’d. Shitty warmup. Wanted to hit this with Greg.
    Anyone walking by at the time would have assumed Amy was being verbally assaulted. The tourettes kicked in during the f@#$king double unders…. didn’t throw the rope… better that way for me.

    Happy with the WOD though… not sure if people believed us when Greg and I said it was fun.

  6. first complete WO – 25:21 or something – skipping killed me – achilles is still aching – but I did it
    Great Job Ben on grinding it out on the DU