Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Bring Operation RED NOSE forms with you or fill one out at gym. We’d like to have the team numbers before weekend if possible.

And please welcome 2 new members to the community… Both Melissa and Andrea are joining the ranks after completing the Fundamentals this Monday.

Warm Up – Then work with Pressing Snatch Balance. See video below.

1.  Snatch Balance
3 sets of 3 reps.

2.  “Overhead Squat-athon”
100 Overhead Squats for time (95, 65)      Click HERE for excellent demo video.

10 rep Knee to Elbow penalty anytime the bar comes down from overhead to be done immediately.


  1. Interesting/disturbing article posted on Crossfit Football :

  2. Congrats and welcome to Andrea and Melissa

  3. Operation Red Nose Note:
    If you plan on offering up your car, you’ll need your policy number and diver’s license number info to fill out on the sheet.

    Glad it’s an off-day for me 🙂

  4. Hey People…. We are going to create a list of “Goats” that each of us have.
    We will take the list and generate a top 10 list that will be used in a non-evil way…I promise. A Goat is a movement is very challenging or not so popular…. such as Double Unders, Muscle Ups …. overhead squats…. so on and so on!
    This list can be done through posting to comments.
    Once list compiled, we will post Top 10 Goats in gym and that will be the focus of all interested in competing… we all have Goats… we want to punish our weaknesses…. and not focus on something we are already strong at.

  5. Um, is it bad that everything you’ve listed will be going on my “goat” list? 😆

  6. welcome Andrea and Melissa. I looking forward to grasping for air with you in the near future.

    Mike, i did not chicken out today…it was a rest/work lunch

    1. Snatch
    2. DBL unders
    3. Hand stand pushups
    4. OHS
    5. MU
    6. DBL Unders
    7. DBL Unders
    8. KBL swings — I know but they still kill me
    9. Flexibility
    10. Listening

  7. “We will take the list and generate a top 10 list that will be used in a non-evil way”

    Ha ha ha ha…I’m printing that statement off for future reference!

    1. Listening
    2. Kipping
    3. HSP’s
    4. Muscle ups
    5. OHS’s
    6. DBL Unders
    7. Ring Dips

  8. I think I do ok with the listening part.

    In no particular order:

    Ring Dips
    Push Ups
    Muscle Ups

  9. Goats:
    Squat Snatch
    Snatch Balance (too bad I missed out on today)
    Stringing Toes to bar together
    Hang Power Cleans
    Butterfly Kipping

  10. Oh and Push/Split jerks

  11. Don’t ya’ll worry…I got somethin’ cookin for these goats. And it isn’t soup.

  12. Is it soup?

  13. I love soup.

  14. Is it low sodium soup?