Friday, November 19, 2010

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Work on max Double Unders

7 Rounds for time of:
10 Wall Balls
10 Pull ups

Post results and comments

Get your fill of DUs today… the ropes will not be available next week. The time spent on DUs will be allocated to other skills and mobility.


  1. I thought I’d post my goats too (yeah like you have any real goats Jon….)

    Hey who said that?


    Overhead Technique
    Overhead Strength
    Strict Pullups
    Running Technique
    Running Speed and Endurance (I think it hurts my knees)
    Hip/ankle/hamstring mobility for better DL and squat bottom position.
    wrist mobility for improved overhead stuff.
    Snatch progressions and the snatch.

    One thing that’s not a goat but it’s also not a gym thing….I want to work on general technique and theory for just about everything so I can be a better coach, pick up on things that athletes can improve upon and generally help all of you kick ass.

    One comment on the mobility stuff, I work on it every day, when I started the hip mobility I couldn’t get my foot off the floor, now I can easily get it up and even reach over my head. When you get time, go to the mobility wod blog and just start at the beginning (link to the right)….I’ve learned so much and he’s such an entertaining dude!

  2. Awe, they’re taking our toys (ropes) away 🙁

  3. So my goats are pretty general since I’m still learning…

    upper body strength… chasing the elusive pull-up…

  4. WOD: 8:37
    Med Balls Used: 20×6, 16×1

    A little disappointed in this one. All Wallballs were unbroken but for whatever reason I found the bars slippery today and kept coming off….also kept doing pullups by my fingertips, which as we all know tires your arms out fast. I let go of the bar a lot. Meh, I’m over it.

    On a positive note, after some discussion and rope-length/hand position testing with Amy’s rope, I seem to have re-found my Double Unders. I’m sure the gyprock thanks me 😉

  5. WOD: 8:47 with 16 lb ball and band

    Double under max: 12 – before today I couldn’t string together two…

  6. WOD 9:59

    20llb ball (I like WB’s)
    Deadish Man pullups ( I do not like PU’s…Yet!) ;o)

    DU’s are coming along nicely. Throwing the rope is OK by me as long as you don’t hit people…Well, unless it’s “accidental”!

  7. WOD 8:34 i believe, used band & 8lb ball. i managed to do all the pullups without stopping
    let’s see, goats
    strengthening knees
    more core strength (those dead bug exercises were good lol)
    pull ups
    clean technique
    double unders (1 or 2 at a time just isn’t enough lol)
    endurance for running
    upper body strength

  8. WOD: 12:19 as RX’d

    I am disappointed in my time, but happy to write Rx’d. This was fun!

  9. my goat is going to be PU’s – do not have the knack for them so will work on them – would be easier if I lost some lbs/kilos
    got through the sit ups in warm up without help – woo hoo – small personal goal
    at this time everything is a goat – but that will change

  10. 12:24 with 14lb med ball
    #2 band for the first 4 rounds
    #2+1 for the last 3 rounds