Monday, November 22, 2010

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Max Strict Dead Hang Pull Ups

Team Relay (Team of 2)
AMRAP 20 of:
15 KBS (53, 35)
200 meter Run

One athlete per team completes 1 round while the other athlete rest.  Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.


Work on heavy Sumo Deadlift High Pull, 3 Rep Max

Watch for a little chuckle of the day!


  1. How many people per team?

  2. Bah! Haha this is like the one amy and I did and doubled! Not gonna be good! Lol

  3. Fun WOD today – I loved the accountability to your teammate on this!

    Wayne & I: 13 Rounds + 20s worth of Running

    I interpreted ‘Max Strict Dead Hang Pull Ups’ wrong and went for max weight instead of max reps. Brain on me. Regardless, I squeaked out 1 rep at me (175lbs) and an interesting +75lbs. Maybe Mike will post the video. 🙂

    3RM SDHP Afterwards:
    75×3, 95×3, 105×3, 115×3

    I think I could have done more weight on these, but I still find this movement extremely awkward so I capped out at 115lbs.

  4. Today’s WOD was fun for the same reason Greg stated… had to push myself to run rather than wimp out and walk as I probably would have otherwise! But running in the snow and the cold was BRUTAL on my lungs. I officially refuse to run if it is colder than 10 degrees celcius!

    For pull ups I managed 4 with the #2 band… there’s that upper body strength goat!

  5. Great team effort by everyone today!

    Love to see people go hard and show absolutely no quit no matter what conditions are thrown at them. Leah forgot to mention she plowed through the kettlebell swings with no stopping as well…Great job!

    Did the 3RM SDHP’s @165llbs with Jon and Gregg afterwards ’cause they’re fun.

  6. Ray…me and Jon are fun, or SDHPs are fun? 😉

  7. That’s what happens when I leave you guys along in the gym around shower time.

  8. Damn…walked right into that….

  9. Gross. Greg and Ray are gross.

    I got 13 pullups
    Amy and I got 13 on the WOD
    165 on the SDHP’s.

    The team ones add good spirit. Especially when the weather turns bad.

    Nice work today!

  10. Great stuff today, everyone worked hard and worked for their teammate as much or more than for themselves. Myself and Ben got 13 rounds. 15 on the strict deadhang pullups. Got 135lbs for a three rep max on the sdhp, probably could have gone a little heavier but the form was not really there. Did my strength work afterwards: Squat 3×5 @ 205. Great start to the week, it’s also great to see all the new faces.

  11. Good work out today. Squeezed out 9 dead hangs. Paired up with Aaron on the wod and got 13 rounds.

  12. PTP:
    Deadlift 275×3, 245×5
    Press 100×3, 90×5
    I think the PTP will end after today. I find my progress has gotten very difficult to maintain/push forward in both my press and my deadlift. I will be testing my press 1 rm on Monday of next week, and my Deadlift 1rm on Tuesday. When I started this I had a press 1rm of 105, and ugly deadlift at 295. If I’ve added 15lbs with prettier form to my deadlif t over the last 7 weeks I’ll be happy. 10 lbs on the press would be nice.

    Dead hang pull-ups: 8 – no change, but this was in the middle of my deadlifting, so I like to think I could’ve squeezed another rep out.

    13 rounds with Chris W., and he just killed this one. I found myself wishing he’d take a little longer on each round.

  13. That was 250×5, not 245×5

  14. WOD – nearly killed me especially when nick came in with 1:25 left on theclock – had to finish the round.
    Ankle is taking a beating during the runs – epsom salts tonite
    DLPU – did 4 with #4 – better than last time – one step at a time

    Everyone did a great job

  15. Great spirit everyone and it’s great to see the newer people already at the point of a No Quit mentality. That will take them a long way with their goals.

    Did this at 5pm

    14 DHPU… Need to work on them. Goal: 20 by new year.

    Partnered with Melissa. The weather was going crazy at the time and running wasn’t an option.
    Subbed running with 250m row… Not better!

    Ryan and Mike were going at the same time.

    We still got 13 rounds completed, Ryan and Mike got 14.

    SDHP 195 for 3

  16. Round Two….

    Did the Dead Hang Pullups with the 6pm crew and got 15. Well, 14 + 1 deadhang L-pullup! 😀

    Played around with SDHPs again and topped out at 125 x 3.

    Tried out the ‘Big Bitch’ kettlebell for fun: 5 sets of 10 full swings