Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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Throughout your involvement with CrossFit, many will say to you, “you guys are crazy!” Greg decided to give a perfect example of why they think that.

  • One 20lb weight vest – CHECK
  • Throw on another 20lb weight vest – CHECK
  • WTH – Throw on those 5lb ankle weights – CHECK
  • Hey! Give me that 25lb Kettlebell why I’m at it! – CHECK
  • Perform a Dead Hang Pull Up while being weighed down with 75lbs – CHECK

1.  Press
3 rep Max

2.  HSPU/Double Under reps for time of Handstand Push ups
25 Double Unders between every set. 

Post Scores to comments.


  1. Hmmm…250 DU’s and 55 HSPU’s…

    It’s like a CF horror movie… “Goat’s from H*ll” (this movie has not yet been rated)

  2. Don’t DU’s involve jump rope and skipping? This could be my most hilarious event yet. Bring the popcorn for your entertainment. LOL

  3. That sure is some crazy combination of weight Greg.

  4. looked like a drunk action hero who just had his butt handed to him…. then he rocked the PU.

  5. Press:
    95×5, 115×3, 120×3, 130×3 (PR!)

    WOD: 19:57
    Scales: HSPUs with #2+#3 Jolly Jumper

  6. This was a milestone WOD for me.

    I acomplished two sets (25 reps) of unbroken DU’s during this WOD and in the process set a PR! Used parallettes for the Tire HSPU’s and have the nice dimpled red mark on the forehead to show proper form. ;o)

    Again, it was great to see the group push and keep the effort at a high level.

  7. ok, the vests I get, the ankle weights I get, and the fact that everyone here is nuts I definitely get…. but, where did you hang the kettlebell from???? Just asking.

    • Lol… You missed all kinds of jokes with that one. Rubber bands are more versatile than you think

  8. Kettledong!

    Mobility with focus on the groinal area….there’s supplements for that Greg!

    Cool WOD today…Nice work by Jen in her first full class…nice job by Ray on the DU string. Mark as, usual kicked our butt.

    140 x 3 on the Press
    11:48 on the WOD…started with wall HSPU’s cause I need to get stronger on the wall…moved to a pike on the tire.

    If you’re not watching Kelly Starrett’s MWod at nighttime you should be! In his words: “don’t be that guy(or girl)”.

  9. Press – 185×3
    WOD was 17:?? with the jolly jumper and # 2 bands

  10. WOD was 17:40ish hspu on the tires, trying not to let my quads rest on the tire cause that makes it too easy. My double unders abandoned me for the day.