Friday, November 26, 2010

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Please Read: Stop the Self Abuse! by Shoreline CrossFit  It’s a quick read but very important

1.  1 mile Trial
Run 1 miles As Fast As Humanly Possible.

2.  .

4 rounds for time of:
30 Double unders
20 KB Swings (53, 35)
10 Knee to Elbows

Competitor taper:

Work up to a Heavy Push Jerk; then do WOD


  1. Do we have a real 1 mile route, or is it just the 4 times around the block?

  2. For now it’s 4 trips around block

  3. put your skates on, it’s going to be a fun run 😉

  4. We tried this one this morning:

    22 minute time limit
    100 95lb Thrusters
    Do 5 Burpee’s on the minute, every minute.

    None of us finished the 100 thrusters 🙁

    Geoff – 92
    Russell – 85
    Gord – 70+

  5. Whew…That was a nasty one! Definitely the BUG today. ;o)

    In hind sight jumping off a 500m row right into a WOD is probably a bad idea! However, it does test your mental resolve and physical toughness which is what we are all trying to improve on in the first place…Right?

    Good news is that I got two new small PR’s on DU’s and Rowing! Next time I’ll try not to slip off the seat…

  6. Nice work on the PR’s Ray….although you must admit the expletives were a little misleading….you would have thought that you had a BAD day…

    Russell, Geoff, Gord….come to our gym and rock wods with us….whatever you’re thinking….it’s an excuse….rock wods with us.

    I got 7:51 on the WOD (60lb bell and kipped my K2E’s…that’s where I made my time)
    1:30.3 on the row…not a PR…gassed nonetheless
    215 on the Push Jerk…PR. Almost had 225 and I WILL get it next time.

    Night time crew….it’s Friday, dominate it!!!

  7. Money and time Jon, we get a great corporate rate and we’re at the gym at 5:30am every weekday. Goodlife is 10 minutes from my door, no bumper plates or kettle bells but it’s the best option we have at the moment.

  8. Strength day today:
    Deadlift 5rm: 285, up 10 from last time, still getting a feel for this one and what a true 5 rm feels like.
    Max rep supine pullups x 3: did this with the 20lbs vest and got 12/8/10
    Heavy Jerk: 235 (pr up from 215)

    I didn’t do the wod but I got to watch the evening crew crush it and a bunch of people kill their 500m row times. Congrats guys and awesome effort! See everyone tomorrow.

  9. Boy do I ever miss nicer weather.

    Row: 1:35.9 ~ 1 second pr
    WOD: 11:27 as rx’d. My double unders seem to be getting less consistent, and my forearms were wrecked by the end, partially due to deadhang pullup work, and rowing before the wod even started.

  10. PR on the 500m row by 18.6 secs -no legs on the last 100m
    18:31 on the WOD – slow and steady improvement – at least the skipping is improving
    for some reason the KB was not as good as previous time – felt like a ton