Saturday, November 27, 2010

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10am – WOD info session at 11am


5 minutes to jump MAX HEIGHT

You and your partner pick ONE box height (can be anything from 8 to 48 inches) and you have 5 minutes to ACCUMULATE as much height jumped as possible.

eg. 250 box jumps on 24″ box = 6000 inches or 500 feet jumped.

You can only complete Box Jumps while your partner is holding a PLANK.


A Ton of Squats

Teams of two accumulate 6 tons,5 tons, or 4 tons of Back Squats

2 Men – 6 tons , Mixed – 5 tons , 2 Women – 4 tons

weight used     6 tons            5 tons        4 tons

45   lbs            300 reps         250 reps     200 reps

65                    210                175            140

85                    162                135            108

95                    144                120            96

115                   120                100            80

135                    102                85            68

155                    90                75              60

185                    72                60               48

205                    66                55                44

225                    60                50                40

245                    54                45

275                    48                40

*Every time the Bar is racked both team members do 10 Mountain Climbers.

After completing your squats your team must relay SPRINT 600 m …100 m at a time.


  1. Mike you are EVIL!!!! My abs are still screaming from Thursdays WOD and you want us doing planks?!?!? I’ll have nightmares about this… On a positive note, I not only survived week 1 still smiling but I had tons of fun and am addicted already…and every part of my body wants to know WTF I’m doing to it lol

  2. lol Jenn you’re doing a great job!! congrats on the 1st week completed!!

  3. I second Sherri! You are doing great and I love it when people get hooked to this program. We’ll make sure to keep you going …
    After a conversation with your body and warn it that this isn’t going to stop… only get better and better

  4. ok i messed this one up! i thought the workout was at 11 am and info at 10am! sooo as im driving to the gym i read the workout again and guess what i missed it! bah

    • We had a few who did miss that update but we got them through it. Too bad you didn’t come anyways.

  5. I messed up too. I showed up for the 11am WOD (not Info Session) to a bunch of cheers 🙂

    Thanks to Mike, Ben, and Wayne for sticking around to put me through this today – my energy was not there and my mindset was far from “lets do some CrossFit” today.

    Max Height Workout: was shooting for 90 reps at max on the 20″ box, which equalled some of the totals people (60 reps at 30″) did at 10AM….surprised myself by banging out 118 reps. Planks are no fun after the 3rd or 4th 30-second session…barf!

    Squats: 52 reps of the 102 @ 135lbs … Mike/Ben/Wayne split up the rest

    3x100m sprints were: 24s, 25s, and 24s

    Mobility WODs:
    – 3 minutes each shoulder of Aug 27th, 2010
    – 4 minutes at bottom of a squat
    – 5 minutes each hip of Aug 28th, 2010

  6. Any chance of a sunday wod? Lol I only got 4 wods in this week and would love to get the 5th In! If not its fine to! Just an idea!

  7. Not going to happen. Even God rested on the 7th day

  8. i’m sorry i missed this one but gary and i wanted to get to moncton early (didn’t go to CF up there either) dammit… i just want to say again how much i love this stuff… lol i’m addicted… i see results all the time both at the gym and in myself. had a great day shopping today with Jo… lovin the smaller sizes again!!!!