Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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Today’s WOD was entered as our contribution to the Atlantic Box Challenge. Those who wish to post their results can do so by going to ABC but it’s intended for non-scaled results.

For Time:

15 Barbell Squat Cleans (155/100#)
30 Toe to Bar
30 Box Jumps (24/20?)
15 Muscle Ups (10 for females)
30 Push Press (40#/25# dumbbells)
30 Double Unders
15 Thrusters (135/95#)
30 Pull Ups
30 Burpees
300ft OH Walking Lunges – 45lb plate/ 25lb plate

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  1. I KNEW you were going to put this bad boy up tomorrow!!!

    The thrusters scare the he’ll out of me…

  2. I KNEW you were going to put this bad boy up tomorrow!!!

    The thrusters scare the he’ll out of me…

  3. only the thrusters scare you!!!! OMG there’s a lot more than that that scares the hell out of me lol

  4. What should we do for progressions on the muscle ups?

  5. x2 MU progression movements or x3 Pull Ups/Dips

  6. 15 Muscle Ups…Ha ha ha ha ha ha…Funny….I’m still working on 1.

  7. Progressions progressions progressions….

  8. That was a great workout! Without the PU’s it would be an AWESOME workout!! ;o)

    With the exception of the MU’s I did this with the prescribed weights. Did the 45 dips and 45 dead hang PU’s as substitute for MU’s. Also, managed to get all the DU’s unbroken for the first time ever and threw my rope anyway….For old times sake!

    Tried to keep up with Jon but he’s waaaay to fast for the average bear to catch. Great job again Jon.

    Good luck night crew…Eat your carbs ’cause you are going to need ’em.

  9. I found this one hard on the head….mentally I mean.

    muscle ups were jumping with the rings at about 7 feet….I’m about 6 feet.

    when I was done this I was laying on my face at about 3/4 feet tall

  10. I bet your face-down sweat angel wasn’t as interesting-looking as mine was 😛

  11. Don’t bring that one up…. I’ll post it.
    Then have to put a R rating on the site.

  12. 46:14 as Rx’d

  13. 47:22, far from rx’d

    115lb cleans
    30 muscle up progressions
    35lb kb push presses
    95lb thrusters

  14. 31:02… with mods, band for pull ups, 65 lbs for squat cleans, thrusters, muscle up progressions and 3:1 skipping… It was harsh!! Naw, just kidding… was awesome!! lol Recovery time is really coming along though!

  15. holy crap – 31 mins for sherri, 47 mins for nick, 46 mins for greg, 31 for jon – I would have been still doing it until 8pm. then would have missed my flight on thursday for recovery time.
    great work everyone – I look forward to when I come back – I will have to work off the food from france

  16. Here ya go Chris…


  17. Just for fun and to get a peek at the elite CrossFitters of the world, here are the results of the 2009 CrossFit Games Chipper times:

    19:46 Mikko Salo (2009 CF Games Champ!)
    21:35.2 Jason Khalipa
    22:13.7 Michael FitzGerald
    22:51.1 Blair Morrison
    23:02 David Millar
    23:10 Patrick Burke
    23:23.2 Tommy Hackenbruck
    24:25.7 Peter Egyed
    24:54 Moe Kelsey
    26:33 Steve Willis
    27:37 DJ Wickham
    DNF Spencer Hendel
    DNF James FitzGerald
    DNF Jeff Leonard
    DNF Sveinbjorn Sveinbjornsson
    DNF Jeremy Thiel

  18. Did OPT get injured in 2009?

  19. I believe there were 2 injuries (one was Thiel, don’t know the other) and 3 didn’t make the 30-minute cap.

  20. Thanks Ray – if I can convince my wife maybe I will visit and take some pics