Operation Red Nose

Posted by on Nov 30, 2010 in News | 8 comments

So far we’ve had 11 people commit to this evening and that’s great. We are hoping to lock in 4 more.
This is a great cause along with a gesture of support for our community.
Please let me know ASAP if you are interested. If you are, we need the paperwork filled out and team locked in.
Thank you all again for your support


  1. my boyfriend is willing to participate… can you send me the form and I’ll try to get it filled out tonight and to you tomorrow

  2. Hey Leah, if you make it tonight there are a bunch near the stereo.
    I’ll try to find the file and send it anyhow

  3. yeah I’m not gonna be in tonight… I have a final to write

  4. Scott said he would come help that night too- so that means we can use our Jeep for the night. It will also give us ample opportunity to work him over and convince him to drink the kool-aid. 😉 I’ll fill out a form for him tonight when I am in.

  5. mmmm… CrossFit Kool-Aid…. causes involuntary burpees and that constant feeling of impending death

  6. lmao… too funny…buckin furpees

  7. Kool-aid and impending death… You sure this isn’t a cult?

  8. hahaha!