Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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Scale up your skills with the Handstand Push Up.

If you are doing them on your knees or feet on raised surface, move to the next level of progression.

“Satan’s Whiskers”
3 Rounds for time of:
10 C2B Pull ups
10 Front Squats (165, 110)
10 Burpees

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  1. 6:17

    Elbows up on the front squats!!!

    Also, try pushing through and not dropping the weight, you use a wack of energy power cleaning 165 several times. Best to try to do them unbroken.

  2. We cannot emphasize enough the need to keep elbows up!
    With elbows down, the wrist takes the weight and the result is immense pain. Along with wrist pain, is rounding of the back, and potential spiking quads. All are terrible for the body… let alone much more difficult to chain reps together.
    If it’s tough to do 10 unbroken front squats with this weight…. scale it until you get the flexibility and strength to do them with full technique.
    Wrist and back pain only gets worse if you don’t address the problem…..

    Listen to your trainers…. we want you to succeed and we are telling you all this so you can avoid as much pain and injuries as possible

    That being said, great effort lunch crew.

  3. Listen to your head trainer! True about the heavy weight…technique is more important so if it fails then drop the bar and don’t risk the problems that bad technique can result in.

  4. 5:57 with a 130lb. FS scale (a 21 second improvement on the WOD from one month ago when I did it at 120lb.)

    Very pleased

  5. 7:20 as rx’d. You were very right Jon, dropping the bar cuts into your time quite a bit. I was on your pace but putting the bar down ultimately cost me. Great workout though and everyone did an awesome job today! Did my goat workout afterward because I won’t be there tomorrow: 4 OHS @ 95lbs and 12 dbl unders for 15 minute AMRAP. Got 8 rounds, the OHS felt good but the dbl unders still suck.. starting to string 5 or 6 together pretty consistently though so some improvement is a plus.

  6. 9:50 as Rx’d.. 165 felt like a million pounds tonight

  7. WOD 9:??

    Well, the front squats were OK until the third round when I fatigued and my form went bad. Elbows dropped and mobility issues crept in making it difficult to keep the bar positioned properly. Good news is that practice will improve this and more consistent mobility exercises will aid in the process!

    Also, just remember, there are amateur and professional athetes who train for Oly lifts for decades, if not lifetimes, to perfect their technique. These are complex movements that will take time and patience to get good at. So have fun, listen, and don’t get to frustrated with them even when they kick our butts! ;o)

  8. 5:54 as rx’d.

  9. 5:54 as rx’d.