Friday, December 3, 2010

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There will NOT be an information session Saturday, December 4.

The Saturday WOD will be at 10 am.

1. Work on Max Hang Squat Clean – 1 Rep Max

2. WOD

1 Round for time of:
400 meter Run
30 Thigh Slap Burpees (Click on movement for demo video – located at 2m:13s)
200 meter Run
60 Box Jumps (24, 20″ – heels on box)
200 meter Run
30 Push Presses (115, 85)
400 meterRun

If weather does not permit running, we will have a “fun” substitute.

Post time and comments.

Would you classify this as a CrossFit event??

If so, what lift is she performing?? 🙂


  1. She’s performing a C-cup lift in that purple picture.

    I know I should be looking at other things, but my god she has long humeri.

  2. lmao… too funny

  3. okay so i finally looked at the picture… i’d like to see someone do a real lift wearing hooker shoes lol…

  4. Huh she’s lifting weights?… I missed that somehow..

  5. Um, so what’s the progression to thigh slapping burpees? I thought I’d give this a whirl last night- it resulted in me falling on my face, and hubster laughing uncontrollably. 😆

  6. Regular burpees will work just fine….but I think you should try the thigh slap ones…just one more time…when I have the camera handy…. just one.

  7. Sure thing! ANYTHING to make you guys laugh. Lets just make sure the regionl has a PS on staff tonight to reset my nose. 😆

    • I can do that for you. Part of the sign up package

  8. Now I recognize that weight lifting girl. Last night my kids were watching a Victoria Secrets fashion show…. she was the “star”… and the weights were plastic. She wouldn’t be able to lift anything like we do, and I use the “we” not to include me YET.

  9. Isn’t that the outfit the for the people who strayed from the Nutrition Challenge???

  10. lol you guys are going to look really funny wearing that!

  11. WOD 13:49 (115 llbs PP’s)

    The noon crew all tried “Thigh Slap Burpee’s”…in the warm-up…Thus, we did regular burpee’s for the WOD…

    Gregg (coach of the day) also reviewed the new ABC WOD and it is a manageable workout. Jumping onto swaying rings maybe a challenge for the burpee pull-ups so be careful.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. WOD 17:?? 65 lbs PP
    I tried the burpees at home and had the same result as Melissa lol

  13. Well, the damn clown showed its ugly head again. It must be something about December that brings him out….

    WOD: 18:49
    Scales: Clapping Burpees

    See ya’ll in the AM. 10, that is.