New Billing System

Posted by on Dec 6, 2010 in News | 5 comments

We will be looking at a new system for monthly billing. I believe it is essential that we initiate a proper method for collecting payments. It is too difficult for us to collect manually and track payments or chase down people who might forget to bring it.

We believe it will be a better service for both customers and us.

We are looking to have this in place by February 2011 but will initiate the process as soon as we find a proper host for the service.


  1. Set up a subscription or recurring payment with Paypal Mike:

  2. I’m looking at something that ties into another program as we will have people registering for classes in the new year as well.

  3. cool, lemme know if you need help with anything… you guys going to host a sectional?

  4. I’m more than upset by that decision and I’m sure the local affiliates will think up something… if not, I’ll take the initiative for sure…Not sure if they’d be able to handle it cause I’d make it more social than they are used to

  5. giddy up 😉