Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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CrossFit HQ has recently released information that there will not be a sectionals competition in 2011. There will be a new format for submissions to qualify for Regionals. If you have a CFJ account, check out the video explaining this (State of the Community)

CFJ – Keeping your adductors strong by Bill Star

Knees rolling in on squats and pulls? Bill Star teaches how you can fix the problem by working on your adductors, which will translate to more weight on the bar

-10 min of mobilizing that body part that is stiff, locked or just sore. Look at the Mobility WODs by Kelly Starritt and bring that into the gym and work that stuff during this time.

AMRAP 12 of:
250 meter Row
7 Power Snatch (115, 80)
7 Handstand Push ups 

Post Scores to Comments 

A quote that can apply to all aspects of your life: 

80 percent of your motivation is derived from your expectations. 

-It’s important that we expect or see our success to win/lift/squat what we set out to do.


  1. I’m confused, Castro said there’d only be video sectionals but he also said that there’d be local tryouts if an affiliate wanted to host them? How does that work?

  2. My understanding from what I’ve seen and what Mike said is that you can come in to an affiliate and do the WOD and more or less just have it taped/verified by a certified trainer.. I may be off on that but either way this is pretty shitty.

    • Ben has it right. An affiliate has to register (likely a cost) to be a host to do the video and judge the WOD. It’s a community killer and absolutely inconsiderate to the crossfitters who enjoy competing despite knowing they won’t likely qualify for regionals. As Michelle said, it abot the community and the growing of that which brings more motivation.
      As an owner, i am very upset for what this represents to us all. Kills the spirit and goes against one of the foundations of what CrossFit is.

  3. Stupid Stupid Stupid. Sectionals is more then about competing its about the community and inspiring people from local gyms. Stupid

  4. There’ always the Hopper event 🙂

  5. I think it’s premature to make any assumptions. All we know is there will be several events spanned over several weeks. We do not know if we can group them together into one weekend and have affiliates group together. Even if that’s not possible, you could approach it from the perspective that instead of having a small number of gyms and athletes participate (due to travel or whatever), it’s now open to EVERYONE. Every affiliate can be involved in organizing, and every athlete at that affiliate can participate. Worried about the competitive atmosphere? Make it a mandatory “workout” for all your members and now you have an event that is on par with the sectionals.

    It’s also selfish to think that Atlantic Canada affiliates are the only ones involved. Larger affiliates in big metro areas could easily hold an event that would rival a regional on a weekly basis. HQ is thinking big picture … obviously they can’t please everyone. But I think if you look at the pros instead of focusing on the cons, it’s very easy to see how this could be a VERY GOOD thing for the community, and for the Games.

    But with all things, I think it’s smart to reserve judgment until the details are released, then we can discuss and come up with a plan that suits every affiliate and every athlete within the region.

  6. I can appreciate them trying to make it more inclusive to everyone via the internet, I don’t think their approach was very good in this particular occasion though. They should have told people before last years sectionals that, that particular event was being phased out and this would be their last chance to participate in it. The way they did it just disappoints people who have been ramping up specifically for that event.

    I also think they’ve gotten themselves in over their head, on their facebook page alone they have 80,000+ members. Can you imagine the amount of time it would take to review video submissions from even a fraction(say 1/4 or 1/10) of that? What about standards and fakes?

    They’re smart people I’m sure they’ve got things like this figured out, I’m just putting in my two cents.

  7. Hey crew,
    kinda a little late with this one, but we’d like to sort out a date for a Christmas gathering….
    Thoughts that have been thrown out there….
    Have a WOD then follow that with food and some drinks…. of water 🙂
    Maybe a Paleo Pot Luck…. bring your favorite “approved” contribution.
    We would have it on a Saturday….

  8. I am busy on the Dec 17th and I am leaving to go to Nova Scotia on Dec 22nd. Other then that I am free.

  9. I’m good for whenever…I’m bringing meat.

  10. what ever works! we’ll make it fit into a schedule!!

  11. What ever works for everyone else works for me!

  12. Saturday the 18th?

    5pm WOD and then some food, and water?

  13. I’m good any day but the 17th.

  14. I’m good for whatever date.