Thursday, December 9, 2010

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Press or Bench Press
5 x 3 or 5RM
Push Press/Jerk 115#/85#
Chest-to-Bar Pullups


  1. I’ve done bench press once in a year and a half….before that I was doing a starting strength kind of gig and I was struggling with a 195 5RM. Today I got 210….(pat pat pat)

    5:38 on the WOD

  2. WOD @ 8:09 (65#, PU w/ 1&2 bands then 2&2)

  3. WOD 6:3?
    115 Push Jerk
    Dead Hangs (practiced kipping to start)

    Do not usually do max reps sets but all the other kids were doing it so;
    5RM @ 225

  4. 5RM was 255 and 6:36 for the WOD

  5. Did this one with the 6pm crew. Great effort by all. And likely the biggest number of participants in a while.

    As rx’d 5:29 the pull ups killed me today

  6. Bench Press to start: 135×3, 145×3, 155×2

    WOD: 9:30ish @ 95lbs with mostly chest to bar pullups.

  7. Bench press 215 x 5

    8:50 press not so bad. Pull ups in need of work in a major way.
    Big group today though had fun.