Red Nose A Success

Posted by on Dec 11, 2010 in News | 3 comments

We want to thank everyone who participated this Friday night… we had 16 people show up and did a great job! The organizers advised that this Friday was the busiest night so far.

Thank you all for the support. We are always grateful for the support from our community.


  1. That was awesome! The time flew by! You’ll have to post the video of Heather, that was hilarious… no more energy drinks for her though lol:)

  2. What a great night! It was nice to get around the team without being sweaty and red faced, or having any excessive swearing or weight throwing. Fun night!

  3. What a great time!!! Can we do it again next year. Now I know why we need to learn box jumps “Tom Cruise on Oprah”….