Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Good article: The Treatment of “Rips” (Wounds) on the Gymnasts’ Hands

1 – Power Snatch
Find 1RM
2- Clean & Jerk
Find Today’s Max then 80% x 1 x 5
30 Burpee Pullups for time

Here’s something funny to review while you are at your desk in pain.

I am better than your kids



  1. If anyone is looking for a laugh:

  2. Thanks. I’ll never get back that 1:37 of my life. 😀

    The scarier part is, that DVD he’s made will make more money than our box 🙁

  3. Holy crap! I didn’t think I’d want to punch a reality show person more than Spencer…. Now I do. This situation for the situation is the situation? His situation is that he’s a douche-fag.

    Now, the video does offers some interesting ‘techniques’ and whatnot… but he’s a little out of control

  4. Guys, the situation is also a literary situation – he even has a BOOK (I’m not sure he can read) as well as some kind of vitamin/weight lose/ steroid rip off sponsorship with GNC. He definitely makes me want to punch babies more than the power clean. And that’s a lot.

  5. I am better than your kids is hilarious. I think it’s the same guy that does the best site in the universe , which is also quite funny/offensive. As for The Situation I’m not even going to give that guy the time to comment on his DVD.

  6. Power Snatch: 135lbs x 1
    – the depth was a little lower than I’d like for a Power Snatch, but it’s coming
    – considering my current 1RM is 145lbs, I’ll gladly take a 135lb PS!

    Clean&Jerk: 155lbs x 5
    – always fun

    WOD: 2:10
    – this was just fun 😀

  7. here is a site for the paleo people at CFSJ

    might try a few ewcipes myself – they look interesting

  8. Again with the Situation…. I almost kicked a puppy thinking about it.

    Power Snatch = 160lbs… PR is 165… Need to start working on the 3 pulls again… geezus.

    Clean and Jerk – 195lbs (80% of 240lbs) Was tempted to go up but was stuck for a bit until Jon helped me out. Thanks, such subtle changes produce such significant results.

    WOD – Wanted under 2 min.
    1:35min…. I think 90 secs possible if I didn’t stop to rest

    Great to train with the lunch crew…. been a long time.

  9. Power Snatch = 165lbs…(quasi reps as technique still needs loads of work)

    Clean ande Jerk = Did 215llbs for max which was 10lbs better than previous 205 max…(Again, technique needs work)

    WOD – 2:1? ( Couldn’t catch Gregg!…Again!)

    PS…If you see MJ, ask him what that red mark on his forehead is???

  10. I’ve been doing paleo for months and Everydaypaleo is the best recipe site I’ve found. I made the pizza last night…vegetarian but I’m going to load it up with meat next time.

    • Vegetarian?? Are you afraid to go on the hunt. Next time have meat filled crust with an extra pound of grass fed bacon. I’m so hungry right now

      Oh, and to save the questions… Poor technique on the snatch for a rep caused a collision mid lift. My head vs bar. Not sure who won, bar went overhead but still have ringing in ears…. I’ll call it a tie with no rematch!

  11. By far the best paleo(ish) pizza crust recipe I’ve ever tried:

    Not something I’d have every day (or even every week) but a nice treat.

    As for meat filled crust:

  12. Snatch: 155lbs, 5lbs less than my pr, technique needs some work though so I’ll take it.
    C&J: didn’t figure out a 1RM for today but did 195×5.
    WOD: 1:24

  13. Power snatch @ 115×1 (same as previous just uglier)
    Power clean&split jerk @ 145×1 (5lb pr)
    Power clean & push jerk @ 125 for 5 singles (brief rest between)

    Wod 2:46. Lost count and started the count back up at 17, though Dave and Michelle think I did more.

  14. dont remember the time for the WOD – just glad I got through it
    no matter what the time was at least I did 30 burpees 🙂