Saturday, December 18, 2010

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READ IT: CFJ – Skin infections and the CrossFit Athlete by Dr Mike Ray ~ CrossFit Flagstaff

Frog Stand / HSPU / Handstand Walk Skill Work
5 Rounds for time of:
10 Pullups
20 Pushups
30 Russian Kettlebell Swings 2p/1.5p
40 Squats


  1. Michelle and I are planning on going out to brunch tomorrow after the wod if any are interested in joining us. It’ll likely be Urban Deli if we can get there before they stop serving breakfast, otherwise churchills.

  2. 26:14 minutes of hell. Pushups should not be that hard.

  3. Just noticed I had the poods wrong at the gym…oops! Massive crowd today – great to see!!!

    Frog Stand: best was about 5 seconds

    WOD: 23:51
    Scales: KBS @ 70/50/50/50/50

  4. WOD: 22:25 with 20lbs vest. Great crowd today, I love when there’s that many people, great work to everyone this morning, Saturdays are becoming the funnest workout of the week!

  5. Yes Great crowd today. Everyone working their asses off. Did this with the 20 lb vest along with Ben. Push up were the worst part. Missed the frog holds.
    WOD 20:01

  6. yeah i didnt use the vest lol… did it in 20:28 i believe. the last round was absolute hell lol… didnt think a pushup could be that hard.

  7. 16:39 – This was hard but alot of fun. The pullups were the hardest for me. I was still sore from thursdays WOD. Today I am even more sore.

    Breakfast was delicious.

  8. and the company was great. This should become a more regular thing.