Monday, December 20, 2010

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We will be having the “12 Days of Christmas” WOD on Wednesday. It’s a great WOD and on that most regret missing. It would be great if we had every member perform it and post comments and time. If you are not able to make the Wed… we can make arrangements.

Hang Power Snatch
Five unbroken rounds for fastest round time of:
15 Wallballs 20#/16#
10 Burpees
Rest 3 minutes between rounds.

Post results and comments


  1. Very peculiar wod. I like it!

  2. just peachy – get to practice more burpees in time for christmas – I will be probably look like a fish floppin’ in a boat

  3. 145 hang power snatch…failed on 155

    55 seconds on the WOD (round 2)

  4. Jon, were you there this morning?

  5. This WOD looks awesome, upset I won’t be in today. Found this while doing my usual internet/crossfit scouring, very interesting, VERY challenging :

  6. Hang Power Snatch: 115lbs
    …form is getting more consistent on these 😀 😀 😀

    53-57-55-56-54 = 55.0 average

    This workout was a blast!

  7. 55-52-52-53-53

  8. Did you guys do thrusters or wall balls?

  9. They did wall balls…. I suspect you did Thrusters

    The evening crew will likely be doing wall balls unless the temp drops to -10

  10. Sealfit is pretty bad ass. I followed their training during my early CrossFit days. They have a lot of good stuff on that site.

  11. 1:09 – 1:01 – 1:01 – 1:02 – 1:03

    must work on burpees. Doing in 3 steps while most do in 2.

  12. Splashy splashy!

  13. Paired with Mark on the workout. He did this workout after casually knocking out 100 unbroken DU’s warming up!!!

    WOD 46,46,46,46,45 (wall balls and burpee’s)

    135llbs on the lift.

  14. Burpees, friggin burpees, they kill me 🙁 – I lose time on these – guess I found another goat – gawd I will have a whole field of goats – well I might as well make cheese instead – goats are good for something.

    So lets see, burpees, skipping, PU’s, rowing, …
    80lbs on the snatch – 1:33, 1:40, 1:51, 1:55, 2:02 only room for improvement now

  15. Hang power snatch @ 115 I think, though it seems odd to hit the same weight with the HPS as the PS.

    The wod was really fun, though I’m disappointed that I didn’t have any rounds under 60s
    1:11 1:09 1:10 1:10 1:16

    My wallballs must really suck cause I felt like I was killing the burpees.