Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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Bench Press or Pendlay Row
5 x 3 rep then
As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
5 Deadlifts 255#/155#
10 Box Jumps 24″/20″
15 Ring Dips


  1. For all those who have a travel schedule this Holiday Season or travel a lot in general…These WOD’s are for you…


  2. Good point Ray….just cause you’re away from the gym doesn’t mean you have to not train. you don’t even need that much space. Here’s the list that got me in to crossfit from the start:


  3. How come no one’s posting today? What’s the deal?

    6 rounds and got to 12 ring dips. Did my first round doing bar dips.

    I got 185, 215, 225 on the Bench Press.

  4. The site ate my post and didn’t bother to redo it… 🙁

  5. Oh, NOW it’s accepting my handywork….

    Bench Press:
    135×5, 155×3, 165×3, 175×3

    WOD: 5 Rounds + 28 reps…sooo close!
    Scales: Pushups for Ring Dips

  6. Bench Press- 75×5, 95×3, 95×3
    WOD- 7 rounds, 8 reps. Decided on doing bench dips after an unfortunate accident with the rings, the rubber bands, and the girls.

  7. WOD: 7 rounds (255llbs, tire jumps, bar dips) Dips were murderous!

    Bench Press 3 Rep max: 245llbs

  8. Was out at the gym tonight. How things have changed. Thanks for letting me train, it was a blast.

    Bench: 3RM at 205lb.
    WOD: 7 + 15 Rx’d-ish (my ring dips were not that pretty at the end)

  9. WOD – 8 rounds + 9 reps did dips on the benches and 115 for deadlifts

  10. Didn’t do bench press. Instead I worked on my ring dips. They’re coming in twos now (deep enough to see my elbow above my shoulder in the mirror.. 2 weeks ago it was one at a time at a questionable depth.

    Wod: 5+15 @ 255lbs, tires for jumping, first round was bar dips, the rest bench dips.

    Not looking forward to tomorrow at 6:00am

  11. Strength to start: 1RM Deadlift: 400lbs (new PR and a long time goal).
    WOD: 5 rounds plus 5 DL’s, 10 box jumps and 4 dips. Used the tires for box jumps and did it with a 20lbs vest on. Great turnout again, the evening sessions are awesome! Great work to everyone tonight.

  12. Bench press – 135, 225 than 275 for my 3rm. Then went for a 1 rep max at 300lbs. New PR

    Wod was 5 rounds + 15 reps as Rx’d

  13. Wow, great strength numbers guys and impressive that everyone’s getting great times and new PR’s! Always nice when hard work gets rewarded!

    (Pssst…don’t tell anyone….it’s a big secret….hard work gets rewarded)

  14. Wow is right! Can I just say I’m glad to be a girl; otherwise I’d feel like I have to keep up with the guys *shakes head* those are some crazy numbers!!!

  15. Jessica Biel: Hi Ben.
    Ben Hi.
    JB Do you crossfit?
    Ben Yes, yes I do.
    JB What do you deadlift
    Ben 400
    JB I think I’m pregnant.

  16. Ben: Pregnant?? how did that happen?
    JB: well….
    Ben: Go on…
    JB: do you know MJ? I’ve been obsessed with him for a while now and….
    Sorry Ben…Amy and I have an agreement…. JB (Hottie Biel as I call her) just might be off limits …. lol 🙂

    I was the creator of my own destruction…
    Did this as group 2 of 6pm session
    8 rounds + 9 reps as Rx’d.
    DLs felt heavy that day.

    I am very excited about the group sizes… Keep it coming!

  17. We were visiting from CF Division in Waterloo and this was the last day we were at CF SJ. Killer workout! Great to meet everyone, keep it up!