Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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  1. Pull Ups
  2. Handstand Push Ups
  3. Tuck Jumps
  4. Dips
  5. Squats
  6. Burpees
  7. Lunges 
  8. Push Ups
  9. Good mornings 
  10. Box jumps 
  11. Situps
  12. Med ball clean and slam 


  1. Nice work this morning folks…5 people who kicked the crap out of this WOD! Love the morning energy!

    ….although I’d’ have to single out Jen and say that she showed the crew how to train in the morning!

  2. hahaha thanks Jon 🙂 I just wanted it to be over ASAP so I wouldn’t have to do any more dips…I hurt lol Time 24:34

  3. Thank you to those who’ve made donations already… keep it coming.
    I know the family will appreciate it very much… and during Christmas as well.

  4. Go Greg! I know you have been looking forward to this for over 3 weeks.

    I am expecting a massive sweat angel after this one.

  5. So what’s the deal with this one? 12 rounds, 12 reps per exercise?

    Just need to make sure I cut down on my Bailey’s consumption this afternoon.

  6. I don’t remember by time. All I remember is MORE G$% D@$M ring dips!
    HSPU failed after round 7
    Ring Dips failed after round 9

    Mike is a cruel cruel man. Good luck to the rest of the groups.

    PS. Yes Jenn did set the pace and talk smack after she kill us all…I do not feel welcome back. 🙂

  7. the “thanks for showing up guys” was a good one… Steve was a monster today too…. great work….

    Think of the song Mel and imagine doing Pull ups instead of getting a Partidge in a f@#king pear tree.

    Mmmm Baileys and vomit…. can’t wait!

  8. Ps…the times were way under last years already…
    Greg … we were talking and we want a sub 15min… I will not accept anything less without consequences

  9. Lets revisit December 23rd, 2009, shall we? 😀
    (2009 scale / 2010 scale)
    1 Pull Ups
    2 Handstand Push Ups (feet on box / full HSPU with 3.5″ assist)
    3 Tuck Jumps
    4 Dips (box, feet on floor / Ring Dips)
    5 Squats
    6 Burpees
    7 Lunges
    8 Push Ups (none / hand release)
    9 Good mornings
    10 Box jumps (20″ / 24″)
    11 Situps
    12 Med ball clean and slam

    TIMES: (34:xx / 20:43)

    Want to know if CrossFit works? Here’s my answer. That’s about a 14 minute improvement with four ‘upscales’, two of which I would consider big ones (ring dips and hspus). I wanted to do the workout with the exact same scales as last year, but I caved into the peer pressure and scaled up anyway. Thank you Mike for not letting me and thank you Jon for laughing in my face when I suggested it. Seriously. The nerd in me wanted a straight comparison. The nerd is also a moron. Great job lunch crew!

  10. Oh, and about this sub-15 minute stuff…I would have if you let me work at the same scales as last year 😉

  11. …I can’t laugh in your face anymore! I was just kidding though, I know you needs your data!

    I checked my score too and I got 22:30 last year with a bunch of modifications. Rx’d this year at 17:00.

  12. This wasn’t so bad. If I hadn’t done this within 11 hours of yesterdays (and at 6am) I think it could’ve improved quite a bit.

    27:11, bar dips with a little tow help, hspu with knees on tires.

    Crazy respect for those that hit the wod at 6am regularly, and congratulations to all those at lunch who destroyed the wod.

  13. Ugh 6am is rough with a slight hangover.26:56 sub on pullups , hspus, dips. This was a whole different workout for me this year. It took me way less time with less subs and less torture. I wish I knew exactly what my time was last year.

  14. WOD: 18:28. (Did HSPU’s on tires with parallettes)

    Man, am I glad Mike and Amy were there directing traffic and keeping us on track! I am also thinking about taking my “med ball clean and slam ” show on the road as that was too funny!!

    Great effort by all athletes today as nobody hit the wall and nobody had any quit in them! Awesome to be a part of such a great group.

    Happy Holidays!

  15. Well that was intense! First WOD in like 3 weeks… I think a lot of stretching and a long hot bath are in order!
    Completed in 22 mins even with pull ups on #2 band, HSPUs and dips on box. Pleased with myself that I powered through most of it unbroken!
    Everyone did awesome tonight!
    Can’t wait to come back full-force in January!!

  16. This was brutal but fun! 21:39 with the number two band and hspu on the box. I think whenever I hear the “12 days of Christmas” song go forward, I’ll have a touch of PTSD. Lol

  17. That was rough to say the least, awesome effort by the night crew again and a great turnout in general today, seems like everyone had a fire lit under their ass! 14:06 as rx’d. A huge congrats to Joy as well who did this as her first full Crossfit workout and killed it.

  18. Holy crap Ben! I wouldn’t believe your times on these WODs if I didn’t have the pleasure of watching you destroy them every week 😀 Great time!

  19. “This is too much, I need an aspirin.”


  20. Haha thanks Greg, JF put on a show tonight though, 13:40 for him I think.. something silly whatever it was.

  21. 14:06…13:40…Holy smokes!!!

    I’m going back to pilates and spinning…Yikes

    Great time guys. the bar is really getting set higher each week.

  22. That was awesome!! HAHAHAHAHA ooooowwwwwwww lol… did it in 23:23, used #1 band for pull ups / box for HSPU. can’t wait for next year!! Congrats Joy for the first WOD! Quite the workout for your first one!!

  23. The last week was great.
    We had 25 people participate in this WOD … been having great showings.

    Joy did a great job, despite her traumatic drive from Freddy, and being scared to hit her first WOD.

    Well, did this WOD, hurting from the day before just like everyone.
    My focus was to ensure that I did full range of motion on each movement and force myself to maintain it…. full ROM rings dips after the Tuesday WOD…unmerciful to say the least… and then the HSPU…. I’m sure I hit my head on several occasions.

    16:16 Rx’d…. need to get my nutrition back online….apparently chinese food and spicy chicken burgers aren’t great for performance 🙂
    I had my ass handed to me on a silver platter last night.

  24. Thanks for all the shout outs on this one… yes I survived and all I keep thinking about is that I could have done it faster! Next year you’re mine, 12 Days of Christmas.

    Happy Holidays everyone – see you in the New Year for some serious training.

  25. 15:42