New Years Resolutions and Goals for 2011

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Hey Crew, a little early but it would be great if you could take a minute and reflect on the past year. When doing that, think about 2011 and the goals you want to crush. For many of you, goals are being met and frequently exceeded. This of course leads to the need to re-assess and set new goals.

In the comments, it would be great to post your short and long term goals…along with any resolutions you might need to make to ensure you meet those goals. It could be the need to tighten up your nutrition so you can get those pull ups you want so bad, or those muscle ups, or that deadlift…. whatever it is, post it so not only your trainers can help you, but the community as well.

Post it up and we’ll do our best to make it happen.


  1. Go Paleo and do a WOD at MINIMUM 4 times a week- preferably 5. This past month has been terrible because of the season, so I’ve slacked. Oh yes, next week, I’m moving from the number 2 band to the number 1, so February? The unassisted pull up is mine!

    Long term? Do a WOD as prescribed within the next couple of months.

    Oh yes-I want to be like Ben and Deadlift 400 lbs. I’ll add that to 2012’s goals 😉

  2. First and foremost to make gains in my mobility and flexibility, as well as sure up my nurtrition and eat well consistently. Another big one is to be tougher mentally, I have a tendency to beat myself or fail a lift before I even walk in the door or try to pick up a bar and while Mike and Amy have helped me out substantially in this respect there is always some room for improvement.

    In terms of workouts my goals are to do King Kong by the end of the year and to do a full Murph, including vest without pooling or dying the street

  3. ‘Puking or dying in the street haha.

    A huge congrats to everyone over the past year, as I’ve had the pleasure of watching so many people walk in the door and just crush their goals.

  4. Here were my 2010 CrossFit goals set way back in January 2010:
    1. Achieve 25 Kipping Pullups unbroken

    I did this on May 3 and if memory serves me correctly I did it out of pure anger after I thought I performed on a WOD poorly.

    2. Hold a Freestanding Handstand for 10 seconds.

    I still haven’t achieved this but there are 7 days left….

    3. Join the Muscle-Up club

    After some coaching from the CF PEI trainers back in February, I got my first muscle up on the 20th.

    4. Deadlift 400lbs

    I’m still a ways away from this at 340lbs (+65lbs this year, though) but I will attempt another max here in the next week to see what the gap is.

    5. Get Level 1 Certification


    6. Eat no dogfood

    As per Jon and I’s Dog Food Challenge, I technically did not eat any dog food, but I should have.

    7. Eliminate Butt Wink

    Yes and no. Yes in the sense that it’s gone when I wear my Oly shoes but not when I wear my Chuck Taylors.

    I’ll put some thought into 2011 and come up with some good ones 😀

  5. 1. Eat healthy
    2. 20 unbroken pull ups
    3. 60 unbroken double unders
    4. Bench press and Back squat 315lbs
    5. Dead lift 425lbs with good form

    and the last one do a stupid muscle up!!

  6. my goals: continue to eat the right stuff (holidays NOT included)
    continue working on pull ups
    darn double unders
    keep increasing my strength

    I know that one includes a lot but i have a long way to go :). I can’t say enough good things on how CF has changed my life. From August to December i’ve come down 7 sizes (not looking at weight at all). i found out i can do a 205 lb deadlift too… who knew!! I just cant thank each and every one of you enough for the pushing and encouragement i’ve received since i joined the gym, a HUGE thanks to my daughter for tons of encouragement and ‘nagging’ for me to try it. It’s the best thing i’ve ever done for me! I truly appreciate each and everyone of you and can’t wait to get back at it! Oh.. one last goal… to make it through at least one month without ‘hurting’ myself lmao… my thumb took a beating on the 12 days of Christmas!!

  7. I want it all 🙂

    To get there I need to improve my nutrition and work on mental toughness – no more “I can’t”

  8. Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition… cannot emphasize my need to get it under control.
    I would like to DL 500 lbs by the end of 2011.
    I would like to have 15 consecutive MU maintaining false grip.
    I want a group of trainees who are very motivated and fit(lucky to have that already)
    Like Jenn said, I want it all.

  9. I put a lot of thought into this, and my New Years Resolution is to become a Kettlebell Burpee:

    K eep up a positive attitude – I can do it, I will do it!!!
    E at healthy, but not beat myself up if I slip;
    T hank God everyday for the encouragement and training at Crossfit;
    T ought it out more, or as Mike says “Suck it up Princess”;
    L earn one new discipline a month, then continue to perfect it;
    E nd my obsession with the scales;
    B e the burpee; I am the burpee; Master the Bucking Furpee!!!!;
    L augh a lot and live life to the fullest;
    L earn to deadlift 145 lbs, or my husband, which ever comes first – and
    he’s afraid I’ll really do it too, lol.

    B e faithful in gym attendance, my goal is a steady 4 times a week;
    U understand my strengths and weaknesses with a goal to improvement;
    R efuse to compare myself to others at the gym and to just be myself;
    P at myself on the back when I succeed in doing a good job;
    E ncourage and cheer on my gymmates every WOD;
    E nd 2011 a better and stronger person than when it began.

    Happy New Year everyone, and thank you all for your encouragement; your are all an inspiration to me, and I am so proud to be a part of CrossFit.

    • Wow. That’s amazing and Icould have said it better. I want to be a burpee too

  10. 🙂 thanks.

  11. Me too Debi. I want to be a burpee. Your goals are very aspiring.

  12. My Goals for 2011:

    1. Come up with (and stick to) a healthy eating plan… any suggestions? I would rather a general guideline than a strict diet
    2. Work on upper body strength… really want that unassisted pull up!
    3. Improve endurance
    4. Stash the ‘tude, even when I’m having a bad day. Gotta stay positive and not beat myself up or give in to the temptation to slack off

  13. Leah, we are all here for you girl…. Maybe some of us could get together and brain storm some ideas for you, and for us too. I’m liking the Paleo way of eating… it’s very comfortable, not strict….. but I’m sure others have some ideas too.