Monday, January 3, 2011

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We will hosting on a session at 10am

Bench Press or Pendlay Row
5×3 or 5RM
Power Snatch 115#/85#
Wall Balls 20#/16#


  1. Well, I’m really sorry I missed today’s session – but I shovelled our drive way, by myself, for time. Did the whole thing in one hour flat, no help. Yeah Crossfit. Be back tomorrow.

  2. Aw crap! I didn’t see the 10AM part …. brain on me.

  3. is someone going to be there at 12 or is the wod going to be ‘scrapped’ for today

  4. Bah! Are u serious? I didn’t see the 10 am! Today was supposed to be my first day back to 🙁

  5. Yes, I thought it was for noon too for some reason, so by the time I got ready to go and read the schedule, it was too late for me to get in for 10…

  6. will there be anyone around at 6 30 tomorrow (tues) morning! id like to go in and do todays wod since i missed it today ! plz let me know! thanks

  7. Hey Dave! By the sounds of it everyone else missed today as well lol Heather and I are going to the 6am session tomorrow so we’ll see you there

  8. alright! thanks jenn!

  9. I had 10am posted…I tried to change the post to12 and apparently it didn’t post properly. Sorry to everyone.

    We are back to regular schedule. 6am to 7am morning.

  10. i went at 10 and no one was there but Leah, Heather and me… went back at 12 and voila! it was a toughie lol… shovelling the drive way before hand didn’t help lol

    used 45 lb bar to work on form
    14 lb med ball

    16:31 for time

  11. I did some bench press with Jon, and a newbie Nick.
    Worked from a 5 rep 205, to a 3 rep of 225…. how times have changed on the BP.

    Then did the WOD as rx’d 15:05. Was a good time.
    Need to work on unbroken wall balls… that might have given me a better chance on catching Jon.