Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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Handstand Skill Work – Accumulate
5 minutes in a handstand or 100
Wall Runs
Three rounds for time of:
7 Power Cleans 165#/115#
14 Burpees

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  1. 5 min of wall handstands (Heather is a rockstar and can do them unassisted. WTG Heather!!!)
    WOD 6:58 @ 85#
    It sounds a lot easier than it actually is….I feel broken 🙂

  2. 5 min of wall handstands (Heather is a rockstar and can do them unassisted. WTG Heather!!!)
    WOD 6:58 @ 85#
    It sounds a lot easier than it actually is….I feel broken 🙂

  3. Oh Heather, you must teach me your handstand ways.

  4. Oh Heather, you must teach me your handstand ways.

  5. Successfully achieved 5 mins of wall handstands and have the burst blood vessels on my hands to prove it! lol
    WOD was brutal… only did 2 rounds, no idea what time, somewhere around 6 mins maybe? Trying to keep up with the lunchtime crew after a month off @ 75lbs (thanks for that Mike & Jon) was a death sentence! I hate playing catch up!
    Ladies: don’t let Mike sucker you in to standing on his nasty scales!

  6. 1 month!?! poo poo on you Red Sonja!! but nice job today….wish I would have known it was only 2 rounds….then it would have been 3 rounds!

    Albeit this was a bugger to get through under 5 minutes…good job to those who did it.

    5:03 Rx’d.

    wall runs were great!

  7. Did 5 mins of wall handstands to start followed by a 5:17 WOD @Rx’d.

    PS… Mike’s scale SUKS! If accurate, I have approx 52.75 llbs of excess body fat. Yeeesh! (emotional pain cave) Ha ha ha ha….

  8. I thought that this was interesting. You can read the rest of the article and the whole 3 part series if you have access to the crossfit journal.

    Fitness is…..By Blair Morrison CrossFit Anywhere

    I used to wonder how many people could use busyness
    as an excuse for not exercising. No joke, I heard it at least
    six times a week during personal training sessions, and
    every time it was the sincerest plea. “I’ve been swamped
    at work,” or, “Things have just been crazy lately.” You mean
    people have to work for a living and sometimes that makes
    them tired and tight on time? Things are always about to
    “calm down” or “lighten up.” Such excuses are the purest
    form of psychological masturbation. They do absolutely
    nothing to break the barriers between you and your goals
    but rather serve only to make you feel better about not
    reaching them.
    I love fitness because it’s a results-based pursuit, the purest
    form of meritocracy. You set goals and you reach them. Or
    you don’t. No list of excuses will ever change the fact that
    you didn’t make the time, lose the weight or prevent the
    heart attack. So stop making excuses. Some people have
    it harder than others, I grant you. Tough shit. The mirror
    doesn’t care, and neither do I. If the individual reaps the
    benefit, then so too must he shoulder the burden.
    Whatever the challenge, just get it done.

  9. Crazy workout! Had to push myself and not give up! Time 3:56

  10. 5 minutes of handstand to start, opted out of doing the wall runs. WOD was a good one: 4:34 as rx’d.

  11. Oh yeah! My time was as RX’D

  12. Dave….see you in the morning…

  13. Tomorrow is my rest day jon! Haha thank god

  14. 3 minutes of handstand.

    WOD: 5:43 Rx

  15. 5 minutes accumulated in a handstand against the wall
    1:00 + 1:00 + 0:45 + 0:45 + 0:45 + 0:45

    WOD: 5:27 as Rx’d

    Great job 6pm-ers!

  16. 5 mins of accumulated tire HS – thank goodness I dont have carpel tunnel

    WOD – 11:56 – who made up the burpee? I will not like that person. My next performance in front of a crowd will be at 6pm tomorrow – Standing room only. 🙂
    Thanks Greg for counting the last round – my mind was mush and thanks to all for the encouragement.

  17. It’s so great to see the great numbers showing up for the sessions.
    It’s getting better and better….4 more almost done their fundamentals…

    I felt guilty missing yesterday’s WOD so I decided to go through it at 5pm….

    DL 3 Rep Max – went to 395lbs… was going to hit 405 but feared the potential bad mechanics.
    Then…. the WOD…. OMFG!!
    Got 6 rounds + 22 reps… pretty much ran through the lunges to compensate for the L-PUs.

    Then did today’s WOD with the 6pm crew.

    Did the Wall Runs up to 35 reps before my wrist caused more pain than my focus could handle.
    Based on percentages of completed reps…(without Greg’s help) I decided that I would then accumulate 3:25min of the Handstand…. despite the attempts of the ladies next to me trying to sabotage my progress, I made it through it.
    I’ve been told that I have blown a vessel in my right eye… whoop whoop!

    Did WOD Rx’d – 3:26min

    See you all tomorrow…

    PS…. I will be getting an estimate for the WOD Book orders very soon

  18. Damn dude, BOTH right eyes?! 😉

  19. yup… not easy to do… ugh…. Need sleep

  20. Handstand work was horrible, only made a brief effort before the wod, so I worked on it more at home afterward.

    I can tell I’ve been under eating lately – the wod felt ridiculously hard/heavy/slow @ 145lbs for the power cleans. My movement felt fairly awkward. Time: 8:19