Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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Many have not paid their monthly.
Names are coming off board Friday.
Don’t be that guy or girl!!!

Back Squat

3 RM

5 Rounds for Reps
Strict Pullups/Chinups
Handstand Pushups
Notes: Rest as necessary between rounds


  1. Order was submitted 10pm last night.
    Apparently they don’t send combo packs to Canada…
    To get them shipped here they cost a bit more… and as many wanted one or the other I figured it was simpler to just order seperates and combo them when they arrive. With exchange and shipping inc. in price…it’s a little more than $14 and $7 for seperates.

    The shipping was pretty ridiculous until I contacted owner and they gave discount. (originally $123 for 17 WOD and 13 Fuel books)

    So with the order submitted, I would request that everyone pay ASAP.
    I fronted my own $ for this purchase.

    For those who wanted only a WOD book – $19 each
    For those who wanted only a Fuel Book – $10 each

    For those who want4ed both, I wish I could have received the combo deal for you, and hopefully it’s not a deal breaker. It would be $25 US shipped to border…. shipped to SJ – $29

    I tried to break up the shipping as fair as possible…It would have been much simpler to be able to order that deal in Canada…but I am not a fan of hitting the border any longer… they are hammering people pretty hard lately… and it would end up costing us more anyhow.

    Just FYI – Purchased and shipped to border cost

    combo – $25US
    WOD book alone – $18US
    FUEL book alone – $10US

    Then calculate the tax they charge you, and the cost of fuel to head down…$$$

    Above prices are my cost… cheapest I could get…
    and obviously I’m still messed up, sick and tired and writing more than I would normally talk

  2. Were these CFSJ customized books?

  3. I like that comment ‘writing more than I would normally talk’

    Thats not true 🙂

    I hope you fell better soon.

  4. If memory (and math) serves, managed 95lbs for backsquat 3RM

    WOD: 21 pullups with #2 band and 62 hspu on the 20″ box

  5. Whew, did back squats for the first time in a very long time.
    Progressed from 135 (x3) up to 275 (x3). Can’t remember the WOD reps although it was on tires so really doesn’t count.

    PS…Mike, you will have to shine up the DU belt as you have to pass it on to Mark A. who ripped out 138 today. I think he actually stopped ’cause he was bored.

  6. I was thinking when Mark was doing that today that it’s become normal ‘background’ sound to me. I call it Mark music.

  7. well i took today as a rest day and thought wow all this snow, i can shovel for time lol… well dammit it didn’t even make my heart beat fast… lol darn crossfit… can’t use shovelling as an excuse for a workout anymore!!

  8. I just did mine in about 10 minutes or so and on a scale of 1-3 with 1 being fluffy snow and 3 being that wet crap we got on Boxing Day, this was a 2.

    Depth: 15-25cm due to the drifts.

  9. Greg did you break down the stats on shoveling? You’ve got a problem… Hahah

  10. How many reps total? per side? I tend to keep it to a 5 reps per side to ensure an even strength development and not fatigue to early.