Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Change of plans for obvious reasons. There will not be a 6am, but noon is a go, and assuming we don’t have a repeat of last night we will have regular hours for evening sessions. Thank you all for your understanding.

Many still owe $$$$…. I will be working the board tomorrow, again, don’t be that person!!

Instead of Karen

Front Squat

G.I. Jane

100 Burpee Pullups for Time

Standards: All burpees are chest to floor, all pull ups are chest to bar, all pull ups are to be done with palms facing away (chinups will not be counted)… any deviation from this will result in a no rep without argument.

Due to the sprint nature of this WOD, partner up and have one person counting and enforcing standards. If you are going to do the work, you might as well do it right and not waste the effort.

Good article: 15 Things CrossFit Has Taught Me About Life


  1. lol i love #11…

  2. #11 is very true, lol, but I especially love the last one.

  3. Front Squats:
    warmup: 50×5, 50×5, 100×5, 130×3, 150×2
    work: 160×2, 180×2, 200×2, 220×2, 230×1(fail)

    WOD: 14:26 (did not do chest-to-bar)

    March 3, 2010: 14:07
    January 21, 2010: 15:06 on the rings

    So in 10 months I got 0:19 worse….good stuff…

  4. Front Squats: @245llbx2 for 4-5sets?

    WOD: 12:49

    Tried to keep up with Coach J but alas…Nope. Also, if you do the strength portion of the WOD first, you will really get a appreciate what it means to pre-exaust muscle groups.

  5. Great English I have going on in that comment eh? “an appreciation of what ” Sorry, to many burpee pull-ups. ;o)

  6. Front Squats
    225-235-235-235-240 (but apparently Greg weighed the bar and those bigger bars are 50lbs-I knew it!-so I could add 5 to each of those totals!)

    GI Jane:

    I like that website with the 15 things posted. There’s a few cool essays in there.

  7. Jon: ‘could’ = ‘should’

  8. Worked from 190 to 235 on the front squat, failed on the very last rep. (new pr! Former fs was 215.) WOD was 17:00 with a 20lbs vest. I do not recommend doing that haha. Great work to the evening crew as always!

  9. Worked on my deadlift first, instead of squatting. Worked up to 265 x 5 (no PR), and despite the gradual warmup sets I still managed to tweak something.

    WOD: 15:29 as mostly Rx’d (can’t say that they were all chest to bar).

  10. WOD: 12:32 – I used the plates to step up on. My body got so tired that I had to keep telling myself to jump out not walk out, and sometimes that didn’t even work. My legs would walk out on thier own in steading of jumping like I asked it too.

    Front Squats

    95-95-95-105-115 I had a tough time the 115 – I really need to work on my squats.