Monday, January 17, 2011

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This coming Satruday, we will be having a 10 am session, and an info/intro session at 11am if you know anyone who has been wanting to give us a try.

Back Squat
5×3 or 2RM
As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
7 Front Squats 135#/95#
7 Shoulder-to-Overhead 135#/95#

Not many like this around our facility lol.


  1. Back Squat: three sets of 3×100 then two sets of 2×110 with some good coaching from Greg

    WOD I did either 5 or 6 complete rounds… I lost track! But I did 65lbs throughout despite the little voice in the back of my head telling me I should reduce my weight!

  2. BS 225-285-295-305-305
    WOD 7 +7

    This one’s harder than it looked. I found if you focus on proper technique with the pressing it helps, especially later when you’re tired. I tried hard to dip straight up and down, keep the bar close to my face and get my head through. I definitely didn’t have perfect technique throughout, but it helped to strive for it!

  3. BS 225 -285 -295 -295 -225
    WOD 7

    Dropped the BS weight to 225 after advice on different foot and knee placement during reps. Felt different but good. Clears the the way for deeper decent on squats.

    Tried desperately to focus on keeping elbows up during bottom of FS to protect wrists. Still need more work on MOBILITY!! Patience, patience, patience…;o)

  4. Back Squat
    warmup 50×5, 50×5, 100×5
    work 125×3, 150×3, 175×3, 200×3, 235×3

    WOD: 5 Rounds + 1 Rep as Rx’d

    I’ll second Jon’s notion that this is harder than it looked.

  5. 6 rounds + 7 reps

  6. A horrifyingly disappointing 3+11 @ 115. Started with 135 on the bar and failed the first jerk (frustrating, cause I tried it out ahead of time and it was ok). Wasted about the first 2 minutes switching weights. Front squats were pretty easy @ 115. I should have set up 2 bars.

  7. One of those days Nick….best to drop the thought, although easier said than done, and pick ‘er up tomorrow.

  8. I stayed away from the presses today as my shoulder was still feeling the volleyball on the weekend.
    Came tonight just looking to coach and ended up doing some low back squats.
    Warm up with 135lbs
    1 -225 x 6
    2 -255 x 3
    3 -275 x 3
    4 -305 x 3
    5 -325 x 1 (had thoughts of going for more… Amy was egging me to do more…thought it was good for now.)

  9. Did my first back squats – managed to do 120 lbs – Greg did good job of keeping me in form – Colleen rocked with a new PR.
    WOD – 4 rounds with 65 for both – finally managed to figure out how to get the bar sitting properly for front squats. certainly helped with my balance.