Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Power Clean
As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
5 Handstand Pushups
10 Deadlifts 225#/155#
15 Box Jumps 20″/16″
Note: Scale to 10 regular pushups if necessary.


  1. It’s an interesting video, I think there were a lot of good points made. I found it a bit distracting that everyone uses the word ‘like’ so much in it. I’ll have to watch it again to try to pick out the good stuff. They’re athletes not public speakers I guess….

    I was also distracted by the girl in the black and white striped shirt….

    • That is Camille, canadian, and I understand.
      I felt as if I was watching ‘legally blonde’ or something with all the ‘like’ stuff but Dave Castro proves again that he lives up to the reputation he has.

      The athletes do make some good points and I want to start to pushing myself to the point where I need to pause for a moment. Looking back an I don’t think I’ve done that for a long time

  2. PS…. It is possible for us to schedule the ABC WOD this Saturday at 10am. I do have a WOD planned but we can pass it up and do the ABC….
    all interested in doing ABC should endeavor to be there…we will not be having it in the regular WOD circulation… and I will not be available next weekend.

  3. Soooo…Where was the lunch crew today? Just two certified trainers and one old man today…Old man is very sore and tired now! ;o)

    PC Strength: Worked up to a 1RM @ 225llbs. Worked 3RM @ 205llbs.
    Attemped a 225llb C&J (fail)

    WOD: 7 rounds plus 7 reps.

    Just need to find my Ensure now and I’ll be fine>>>

  4. okay, what’s the ABC WOD?

  5. The ABC Wod is:
    For time:
    800m row
    30 Burpees over bar
    21 Thrusters (135/95)
    15 Pullups

    I will host it if it’s a unanimous decision and we have those who have been interested making an appearance… we do not want to run it a number of times.

    Looks ‘fun’… blame CrossFit Bathurst

  6. I’m in for the Saturday ABC WOD – we should definitely make this a “last Saturday of the Month” kind of thing

  7. for sure…I will be away the last Sat of this month and want to be there wtih the crew to do it

  8. can’t make it this saturday…too bad looks like a good one. got to love rowing…

    205 3Rep PC today and decided to go for a 1RM… it at 225

    WOD: 6 rounds plus 13
    totally bombed at the end on this one, no excuses I didn’t warm up properly….not smart…my fault.

  9. Power Cleans:
    warmup: burgener warmup, 75×5, 95×5
    work: 130×3, 150×3, 170×3, 185×3, 200×2+fail+1(PR!)

    Prior to today, my best clean of any kind, well, Squat Clean, was 195lbs so I’ll gladly take a 3RM of 200! 😀

    WOD: 5 rounds + 7
    Scales: HSPU with 25lb plate

    The deadlifts just murdered me by round 3/4….sooooo slow. Big crew tonight at 6pm – awesome job by all!

  10. 210 for my 3 RM for the power cleans. WOD was 7 rounds + 9 reps as rx’d. I second Greg, the deadlifts absolutely murdered me. Good stuff tonight by the evening crew!

  11. oh dear lol.. i’m almost sorry i asked what it was.. but I’M IN!!!

  12. Hmmmm, seems I was mistaken on my ‘best clean of any kind’. I scored a 215 Hang Squat Clean back in December, which is about right. Squat Cleans = more weight 😀

  13. Power Cleans 3 Rep max
    65, 75, 95, 105, 115 — This was my 1 rep max

    WOD 155lb Deadlifts and HSPU with knees on the tires.

    The box jumps felt so hard after the deadlifts.

    5 rounds even