Thursday, January 20, 2011

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Everyone welcome 3 newbies to our group.

  • Tracy Underwood
  • Andrew aka Andrea Patterson (sorry Andy…people talking in office distracting me)
  • Adam Sproul

Frog Stand or L-Sit Work 10 minutes
Overhead Squats 115#/75#
Chest-to-Bar Pullups

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The last video was taking too long to convert…. Instead, here is Jon’s dream meal…. if you are near him when he watches this…step away… you may get covered in drool!

How can you beat meat, wrapped in meat, cooked in meat… with all kinds of BACON!


  1. CFWU

    doing Frog and L-Sit for 15 min (well I tried to do L-Sit hehe)

    WOD as RX
    Time: 8:48

    Thank you guys to let me in your Box
    Good jobs girls 🙂

  2. I want to see the Pattersons go head to head!! Bring it!

    Tracy, Adam, Andrea always welcome in the morning 6 am slots!

  3. Andrew Patterson? 😉

  4. Here’s the first video I wanted you all to see…

    Especially from 4:39 on 🙂


  6. Ewww?

  7. My arms still feel like the might fall out of my shoulders…

    No idea how many minutes accumulated in the frog stand… not many, that’s for sure, maybe 2? And about 40 seconds in the h-sit 😛

    WOD 7:41 with 45lb bar & increasing band assistance on the pull ups lol. Started with #2+#1 then #2+#2 then #2+#2+#1

  8. WOD: 8:06 (Scaled OHS to 75lbs as technique was less than acceptable.)

    Good news is that we have coaches there to push us in the right direction when the wheels start falling off.

    Even more fun watching Amy help/torture (more torture) Wayne’s knotted back. Such strange noises from a human being…Ha ha ha…

  9. Try this for wrist and forearm strength…

  10. I think when doing the frog stand, I spent more time on my forehead than actually balancing as I should have been – so I’m not counting my time there. I had better success with the H-Sit, but probably only got up to maybe a minute.

    WOD = 6:35. I did it with the bar and bands for pull up assistance #2+1

    Is the wrist and forearm strength clip safe to view at work? 😆


    Read this on the relevance of frog stands….it’s awesome that we got to do this today, it’s a great strength and balance progression.

    In the 10-12 minutes we were doing it I probably got about 4 minutes in. I’d like to spend a lot more time doing this sort of thing…ran out of time today I guess.

    WOD was 7:12 (I think?)

    There’s all sorts of stuff going on with the ohs, warm up plenty and get mobile before you go at it!

  12. did about 2 minutes total on the frog stand… lol also learned how to tuck and roll…
    L sit did a few minutes total on that

    WOD: 6:34 i did deadlifts instead of the overhead squats because of my hip, did 95 lbs
    Pullups: used 2 of the #1 bands…thanks a bunch amy!!!

  13. AND… WELCOME to the new folks!!! you’re going to love it!!!