Friday, January 21, 2011

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Saturday we will be having a 10 am session, and an info/intro session at 11am if you know anyone who has been wanting to give us a try.

Small change here: 2 minutes Max Pull Ups – any style. Unless you are Celine and kipping is pretty much out of the picture


Four rounds for time of:
20 Pushups (hand release)
30 Situps
40 Squats (ball under butt)

Here’s a great demonstration of some mobility exercises we may experiment with in the near future.


  1. ahahahahahahahaha!



    sucks to be too good sometimes eh Celine!

  2. hahaha…

  3. CFWU

    Max pullups in 2 min did 21 mostly strick pulls ups hehe

    WOD Time: 8:11

    It was nice to meet you Jon, Mike, Jen and Heather and keep it up girls in the next few weeks I want to see on the wall that you did kipping pullups 🙂

    Thank you again 🙂

  4. Awesome having you in Celine! Love the passion! Awesome athlete!

    I did…
    pullups 47
    WOD 11:23

    Hey everyone I think Jenn has an accomplishment to share with you….

  5. What’s up Jenn????

    haha… the video is awesome.. thank goodness there’s no equipment at CF… i’d be in a body cast by now lmao

  6. Thank you Jon

    I think that I did a mistake about my time?? was it 11:11??

  7. A little birdie shared some exciting news about Jenn’s accomplishment…. I want her to share… but it’s great!!!

  8. ok, ok, ok I’ll share…. I did my first kipping pull-up this morning 😀 Stringing them together is a WIP, same with the dead hang but I did manage 2 on the #1 band YAY!!!

    WOD 12:20ish w/ knee pushups

  9. THAT’S AWESOME!! CONGRATS!! Feels great doesn’t it!!

  10. Awesome job Jenn!!!! Once you get your first couple strung together, your numbers will increase exponentially!!!

  11. If you ever want the exact formula on the exponential growth, I’m pretty sure Greg can figure that out too…if it’s not already programmed in to a model on his laptop somewhere!


  12. Congrats Jenn! That’s a huge accomplishment!

  13. I seem to have developed a reputation 😛

    Pullups: 42

    WOD: 14:54
    Situps in volume just wreck me…..

    Massive lunch crew today – love it!!

  14. Jon may develop a man crush on these guys making the food:

    Cow lettuce and fetus beating!!!

    Epic Meals on youtube

  15. Managed 11 pull ups with the number 2 band. My shoulders are not going to forgive me for this week for a very long time. Tracey knocked it out of the park with 16 – Good Job Trace!!

    WOD= 8:15. I will be in a supine position for the rest of the weekend because my abs and glutes are not happy with me and are on strike for the next little while.

  16. Congrats Jenn! I’m super jealous! Still working towards that first un-assisted pull-up!

    Today I did 9 and two half pull-ups… try though I might, I couldn’t quite make it to 10.

    WOD: 14:41 maybe? Can’t remember… all I remember is being boggled by how fast Melissa moves that tiny body of hers! I wish I could keep up!!
    Sit ups are definitely something that need working on. I feel like they ate up a lot of my time…