UPDATE @ 4:45pm – Tonight – weather conditions

Posted by on Jan 21, 2011 in News | 4 comments

ok…I know it seems like we are going crazy…and that might be a little true….but looking outside…the snow has stopped. Amy and I will be heading to the gym for 6pm. Anyone willing to make the trip can meet us there for a workout. No need to post or anything…We’ll be there.

With regret we have decided to cancel tonights sessions due to pretty nasty road conditions and we don’t want people risking safety to get there.

NOW that being said, this is the perfect WOD to do at home. IF you don’t have a location to do the Pull Up get creative. The handle of a shovel is sturdy enough to support body weight. Secure it in a corner or two chairs and get some body rows in. Lay on your back and pull your chest to bar.

The WOD can be done with the support of your family. Have someone count for you so you don’t lose track.

Report your results.

Stay in and stay safe.


  1. 3:50 now, still no change?

  2. 3:50 now, still no change?

  3. I take that back. See you all tomorrow

  4. Decided that I’d do this at home this afternoon anyway. Unfortunately I really don’t have a setup for pullups anywhere in the house or garage so I wasn’t able to get them in. WOD was 9:46 however.