Monday, January 24, 2011

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The sessions will be more structure from this point on. You’ll have to arrive on time (at the start of the hour, not 10min after) to benefit from a solid warm up.

Max rounds in 5 minutes of:
3 Power Cleans 155#/105#
6 Burpees
9 Jumping Squats
Rest 5 minutes, repeat for a total of 2 cycles. The second round starts where you left off at the first.

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  1. WOD 8 + 1 (rx’d)

    Not sure the reason why but had zero energy for today’s WOD. Just one of those performances where you come out flat right out of the gate.

    Look forward to tomorrow’s WOD to bring some high intensity!

  2. WOD 8 +4

    You know, I’ve done the p90x so I have several reasons as to why I prefer CrossFit to P90x, but I’m going to go with my top reasons being that at CrossFit, I don’t have to mute any of the trainers. Tony Horton makes me want to physically harm myself 😆

  3. …I’ll take that as a compliment although I’ve never heard Tony Horton’s voice…

  4. 12+3. Got 7 rounds in the first cycle and 5 + 3 on the second. This was hard, that 5 minute break didn’t feel like much of a break haha. Good job to the evening crew!

  5. This was a lot of fun! You’re right about the break Ben (and I DIDN’T do 7 rounds in the first 5 minutes).

    Got 8 rounds + 1 PC @ 135. This could’ve been a little bit higher, but not much. I was kind of psyching myself out for the power cleans and hesitating every round.

  6. Today was great – got to work on some form and technique for a goat – the overhead squat. Dont know why I decided to do that today as the WOD had the jumping squat – hey did I say I was a rocket scientist:)

    did 10 minutes of the goat then the WOD

    5 rounds + 4 (100 lbs) doing better on the burpees – they are coming around

  7. I loved this WOD, but I also love cleans. I used 95lbs…I should have went higher, these felt easy today. Those jumping squats really started to burn at the end and I must get faster at burpees!!!! I did 8 round, 3 Cleans and 1 burpee.

  8. it’s great to watch the dynamic that develops with the different sessions from start to finish. Everyone’s intensity is getting so great…it’s addictive.

    I did this WOD as an offset of the other’s 5 min rest. Their rest was my work… and while they all watch my slow performance…I could hear Michelle’s voice drowning out the voice in my head telling me to take it easy. Thank you Michelle. I’m sure I did a few sets of 9-12 burpees as I was in survival mode for a bit and could only swear at myself… oh well. I deserve it if I’m distracted.

    Got 11 rounds + 8 reps…. the weight felt heavy…and of course the jumping squats just sucked…

    Need to get back on the horse now that I am almost over this sick feeling…

    Love it.

  9. This WOD was pretty fun… definitely liked the rest in the middle, even though it kind of sucked to do it again lol!

    Got in 7 rounds + 3 power cleans & 6 burpees. Totally felt like I rocked the burpees which was nice!

    Before the WOD Melissa & I worked on our handstands which was fun