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For those who had already indicated they wanted the book, I wanted to advise you that the order is apparently a bit delayed. There was a misunderstanding and they had us down for custimized books. They would take another 3-4 weeks. I received a message from company last night to this effect. My reply today was that I would like to have the originals sent to us immediately if they have them in stock. If they need to send the original (default) style off to be printed anyways we would then get customized. Waiting for response.

In the meanwhile, I would request all who ordered book to pay up. The order was paid upfront out of my pocket. Silly idea I know…so email money transfer would be ideal or bring in cash. No cheques please.

Names in comments.


  1. What’s the price for both books again?

  2. What’s the price for both books again?

  3. WOD (W) book $20
    Fuel Book (F) $10

    Greg W/F
    Sherri 2F
    Leah W/F
    Nick O W/F
    Ben W
    Jon W
    Joy W
    Ray W
    Wayne 2W/2F
    Colleen W/F

    For those who may still want one I believe there may be a few extras of each… no promises though.

  4. Hi Mike,

    I thought that I was on the WOD book list. Can you please add my name to one of the extras?


  5. If you have extra’s, let me know 🙂

  6. Hey Michelle, in hindsight I thought I added you to list but apparently I haven’t. I will for sure

  7. i’ll bring the money in tomorow!!!

  8. i’ll bring the money in tomorow!!!

  9. Thanks Mike,

    I’ll include the money for this in my email transfer on the 1st.

  10. Is that list for those who owe or those who’ve paid already? Geoff, Gord and myself already dropped our money off.

  11. Mike,

    I’m fairly positive I had asked for both. Maybe my name is with my skipping rope…lost.