Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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The Bear Complex (Watch the video)

5 Rounds of the sequence

7 Sets of  the sequence per round:   (all movements combined is one set)

  • Power Clean
  • Front Squat
  • Push Press
  • Back Squat
  • Push Press

Rest between rounds as needed. This goes for max load in final round.


  • No resting on ground (even to re-grip)
  • Rest anywhere at any time except on ground
  • Can combine movements but must have fully open hips between movements
  • Increase weight each round.

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Compare your results to last time posted June 18, 2010. Click HERE



  1. This one looks interesting…it has me debating if I really need to take a day off 🙂

  2. This one looks interesting…it has me debating if I really need to take a day off 🙂

  3. Last time we did this one it was June 18, 2010 – watch out, and prepare for, the neck rash! 🙂

  4. Rash? I wear the Bear Complex with me everywhere I go.. that being said I’m looking forward to doing it again.. it’s a real bastard.

  5. Love this wod! Have fun!

  6. This looks fun- makes me mad that I am in a lean six sigma course all day and have to miss it. Enjoy!!

  7. Ben,
    I thought we did this the same time last time but either of us posted … I forget the weight we got up to… somewhere around 165 or so….
    see if we can do it again

  8. This is DEFINITELY a fun one…bring the intensity today people!

  9. Yeah we both did it at the same time, I think I failed out though, I know I finished the last cycle just to do it but really can’t remember the weight used.

  10. Make sure you stretch those shoulders in the allotted time today.
    Behind the neck presses demand ROM, balance, and proper from. This is applicable to all the exercises of course, however, this movement can be a tricky one.

  11. This is not a workout they will reward you with a 4 min warmup…
    we will be starting at 12:20… might take a bit… loosen up properly to get through this one

  12. The lunch crew did a great job.

    I cannot emphasize enough the importance of working on joint flexibility. The more activity you are involved in the more your body wants to stay balled up or tight. You need to CONSTANTLY work on flexibility of the joints.
    Wrist flexibility is the most common complaint heard at our facility…and it is not something that just happens magically…. you need to work on it.
    I will be posting a wrist flex. document that you can read and add to your everyday. It will help…. A LOT. Why continue to suffer??

    PS…. I did Tuesday WOD at lunch today… WOD Time 10:09 rx’d.
    Sit ups slowed me down a lot.

  13. WOD:
    #1 @ 65#
    #2 @ 75#
    #3 @ 95#
    #4 @ 115#
    #5 Two sets @ 135# (DNF)

    As I suspected, I have a date with the triplets. Ice pack, Advil, and stretching…Darn shoulder.

  14. That was a fun one!
    WOD: #1@45, 2@55, 3@65, 4@75, 5@85 – failed on the push press of the 5th set

    • Did this with Greg and Ben. They are beasts.
      1st – 75lb
      2nd – 95lb
      3rd – 115lb
      4th – 140lb
      5th – 155lb – failed on 3rd round.
      Had very hard time with wrist inj. Ended up dropping it. Then got mad and pounded out rest. Grrrrr!

    • Great job to Jenn, Matt, Jeff, and Adam.
      Jenn is a machine. All that morning coaching from Jon is kicking in.
      The boys rocked it… Especially for the first time doing it.

  15. Tough one! Just like I remember!

    60 lbs – check
    75 lbs – check
    95 lbs – check
    115 lbs – check
    135 lbs – failed at the FS of the 6th rep….couldn’t get fingers back under the bar for the press 🙁

    Last time: completed WOD at 115 lbs as a max

  16. Melissa congrats on taking the lean six sigma course! i was just green belt certified!!

  17. This one got the best of me again, failed on the 5th cycle of the 5th round.. Was so close… I worked up from 75 to 135. Will get it next time, great effort to everyone who did this I think that this may be the hardest workout I’ve done in my year plus of Crossfit, it’s so mentally taxing, but everyone did an awesome job!