30 Day Achievement

Posted by on Jan 29, 2011 in News | 4 comments

Many of us have had a change in our nutrition over the past year. some have made that decision more recently.
Jenn and Heather are just about to wrap up their own 30 day paleo challenge which has proven to work very well. They have PR’d many times, have been able to round up the enthusiasm to kill a WOD @ 6am, and have changed their bodies as a result of their hard work and commitment to paleo. You should hear them when they get going about food. I go to work starving!

Anyhow, congrats to you two and I hope they motivate others to commit as well… I know I need to.

Great work ladies! Enjoy your Sunday meals


  1. Congrats Heather and Jenn, I Knew it would make a huge difference!!

  2. Great job ladies!

  3. Nice job ladies!!

  4. Thanks guys, we couldn’t have done it without your support and encouragement! We’ve leared so much over the past month and are officially paleo converts. The food is delish! For anyone thinking of making a change this is the time to do it, you’ll never find a better support group.

    Mike and Jon – you guys are awesome! Thanks for putting up with our early morning selves and listening to all our talk about food.

    Cheat day is great! On the menu is: Carrot cake, pankakes & whipped cream, chicken nachos, guacomole, and 6 bottles of wine 🙂 All’s welcome to stop by…although we may be in bed by 5pm lol

    Thanks again, it’s been a great month!