Crash Course: The Butterfly Kip with Chris Spealler

Posted by on Jan 31, 2011 in Skill Development | Comments Off on Crash Course: The Butterfly Kip with Chris Spealler

At the Rogue Vs. Again Faster Throwdown held in Lake Tahoe, Calif., Chris Spealler had the chance to coach at CrossFit Avalanche. Here’s his crash course in the butterfly kipping pull-up.

“It’s just like pedaling a bike, but backwards,” Spealler says.

Starting from a dead hang, Spealler teaches the foot movement of the butterfly kip.

“Heels to the butt is like the loaded gun,” he says. “This is what makes me go up.”

According to Spealler, the key is extending the legs while keeping the hip open. Then athletes should start to close the hip and pull up when they feel weightless. To string butterfly kips together, remember to return the heels to the butt.

It’s also important to pay attention to the direction of the pull.

“Don’t pull in; pull up,” Spealler says.

5min 55sec