Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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Take a second and look through the category: Skill Development. There will be a lot of things added from here on.

Here’s an example of a CrossFit Jounal addition: Butterfly Kip with Chris Spealler. Click HERE

Find 3RM
As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
50′ Overhead Walking Lunges 45#/25#
10 Burpees


  1. WOD: 6 Rounds

    200 DU’s – 4:59

    First 54 DU’s unbroken (PR). Got to about 140 and the wheels fell off the bus in a big way! U-G-L-Y DU’s after that ;o)

  2. WOD= 5 rounds. I started with 25’s, but scaled it back to 15.

    I hurt. Everywhere. For some reason, I thought I should definitely do the double under challenge after the WOD. But, since I have yet to manage two consecutive DU’s, so was forced to do 600 single skips. It took me 5:30. Must.learn.consecutive.DU’s!!!

  3. Home sick with the kids. Hope to be back soon.

  4. WOD: 4 rounds + 25′ lunges with 25lbs

    Started to do the 600 single skips, but my calves were screaming at 150 so I managed to get in 200 in 1:45

  5. press-165 x 3
    4 rounds plus the lunges for the wod
    calves cramped up after 50 DU will try again tomorrow

  6. This is the first workout in a while that I feel like I underestimated. Each burpee was pure hell after a round of lunges.

    5 rounds even as Rx’d.

  7. Omg those lunges were brutal! My legs are crying!

  8. push press new PR – 90lbs 🙂

    WOD – 3 rounds + 20′ scaled to 15lbs – quads are now sore to go with the hip flexors – I’ll look mighty funny trying to shovel snow tomorrow. I see a snow angel coming.

    Started the DU’s (SU’s for moi) managed 300 before legs finally died – 8:10

  9. On a whim, decided to try and beat my current 500m row of 1:30.7.

    Time: 1:28.8 – a 1.9 second improvement. I was ‘not right’ for a few hours after this….

  10. WOD: 5 full rounds… and i agree with Leah, the lunges were brutal

  11. This was rough. 4 and 3/4 of the lunges with the 25lbs.

    Congrats on the new PR Greg. Rowing does that to me too.