Friday, February 4, 2011

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We have someone with a birthday today…maybe he’ll watch this video before he comes at noon.

Teaching The Tire Flip

(Front) Squat
5 x 3 or 3RM
Deadlifts 185#/125#
Thrusters 75#/45#

May have to team up for this one. One person counting helps a lot.

CrossFit Northern Ireland


  1. Snow Balls 20#/16# ??

  2. yeah let’s have a snowball fight.

    I trained after the girls this morning…I didn’t quite bring the intensity they did but still recovering…next week!

    185 x 5 on the FS
    7:33 on the WOD with 135 DL’s

    It’s a sprint!! go for it!

  3. my snowall fight comment reads sarcastic….not how I meant it.

  4. now I can’t spell snowball.

  5. WOD: 6:39 @ Rx’d

    Did this WOD unbroken today. Trying to consciously limit (eliminate) rest periods as my endurance s*ks!

    PS Mmmmm….Deadlifts….

    • Did this with the 6pm crew.
      Time was 6:31 rx’d. I wish i was able to kill my brief periods but the body took over after the 250lb FS x 3.

      Then i did 200 double unders for time
      2;47… Shoulders wrote off

  6. wod: 8:05
    front squat 105

    great job everyone!! just wait till i bring in the socks!!

  7. Front Squats: topped out at 220×3 (PR!, for a triple)

    WOD: 10:44 as Rx’d

    The ol’ LB has been flaring up as of late due to all the shoveling. Today did not help. A little ice/heat rotation is in my near future along with some lacrosse balls. Exciting Friday night ahead! 🙂

  8. WOD: 8:08 Rx

  9. Front squats – new PR of 100×3

    WOD 16:15?? Amy wrote it on board
    scaled but getting ever closer to RX’d
    deadlift 140lb
    thrusters 45lb
    my body hurts (in a good way) going to sleep now….