Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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3 Rounds for time of:
500 meter Row
12 Deadlifts (bodyweight)
21 Box Jumps, 24/20

People you cannot avoid at the gym…. Scott sent this..FUNNY


  1. Tougher than I thought….

    Time: 13:36 @ 185lbs

  2. WOD 12:07 (225llbs and a big boy bar.)

  3. 12:01..definitely gassed.

    Tried for a 5 rep PR of 290 before the WOD and failed…got 4 reps….don’t think it would have came up. 285.

  4. WOD: 14:46

    good workout

  5. wod: 16:06, definitely a good one… and a toughie too lol

  6. I didn’t have a max Push Press on the board so I sprinkled some attempts in between Coaching the 6pm crew. I had to take a few sets to get the Push Press movement back…always want to Push Jerk it. Ended up with:

    bar x 5
    bar x 5
    90 x 5
    130 x 3
    150 x 2
    160 x 1
    170 x 1
    180 x 1
    190 x 1 (PR!)
    200 x 1 (f)

    Using the “30%” rule, my Push Jerk should be about 245lbs….not.

  7. WOD 18:22 only had one big letdown during the last row – but finished well
    jumps were with on one tire – but that is better than previous attemps
    did most of christine in sets of 3 – found that worked good for me.

    I am still happy with my row – thought I would die with three sets.

    Glad everyone liked the cookies and choc treat.

  8. Started with some push jerk work, nothing special.

    WOD: 15:35 @ 200lbs

  9. wow this had a lot of SUCK to it.

    My strategy was to keep the rows at a 1:45-1:50 pace.
    My current BW= 205lbs. Used big bar= 210lbs
    24″ box jumps.

    Finished first round around 2:45…Hammies were burning already and almost fell of the box on second jump….OH OH.

    Managed to pull it together and keep rows to 1:45 pace…at times 1:37 decided to ease off a bit.

    Managed to finish at 10:36… layed on floor for approx 6 min…