Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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“The Admiral”
3 Rounds for time of:
20 Burpee Pull ups
20 Front Squats (155, 105)
20 Box Jumps, 24?

Post Scores to Comments.

Games Competitors

1.  “The Admiral”
2.  Choose based off of weakness:
Strength:  5 x 1 Snatch Balance + 2 OHS
Endurance:  6 sets of 2 on/1 off rowing.


  1. Where’s the comments today? I need witty banter!!!

    19:21 with the small bar (so 150 I guess…) on front squats

  2. Where’s the comments today? I need witty banter!!!

    19:21 with the small bar (so 150 I guess…) on front squats

  3. Omg I trudged through this one for a glorious time of 26:46… 65lbs for front squat and jumping pull ups from low pile of plates.

    I was convinced I was going to vomit during that last round of box jumps but thankfully I held it together.

    I need to keep reminding my body that it’s stronger than it thinks it is! This would have been so much faster if I didn’t take so many rests!!

  4. hmmmmm….witty banter, eh?

    I didn’t show up because I couldn’t get the CF New England by 10:30 😉

  5. *the = to

  6. OMG, I think my whole body hates me after this one!

    I’m just getting back into this so I’m not going to post my terrible time, but WOW I will definatley be feeling this tomorrow!!

  7. I was thinking about trying to make up for missing grace tonight, but when I saw how awesomely large the 6:00 group was I had to do this one.

    25:43 @ 115lbs, 30″ box jumps

  8. WOD: 16:11, did 65 lb… a tad too light me thinks, could do 12-14 before i had to take a pause… i’ll know better next time

  9. 20:32 rx’d… did tires for box jump first round then Fdat!!!
    24″box for rest.
    Front sq…. worst part hands down. My 20 reps were at least 3:30min each time… a bit rough on the body.

    Everyone at the 6pm did awesome. Sorry for the confusion and all that at the start…. I was a bit out of sorts upon my arrival but we got ‘er sorted out.

  10. Deceivingly tough.

    Pre-WOD: 50 Double Unders for time – 4:46

    WOD Time: 24:14 @ 135lbs
    Individual rounds: 5:50, 9:21, 9:02

    Post-WOD: 3 x 50 Double Unders for time – 1:50, 1:37, 2:06

  11. Had to modify this to accommodate my wrist. Important to follow the leave your ego at the door rule or you further irritate things. Case and point I’m a jackass and made my injury worse. Did 25 squat jumps followed by pullups, practiced butterfly lips after I jumped up and grabbed the bar. Did back squats rather than front and mike made me do it at 185lbs because back squats are “easier”. Did jumps on tires. Think the time was somewhere around 24 or 25 minutes not quite sure. Great job to the evening crew!

  12. You lost me at butterfly lips.

  13. Hahahahahah damn you auto-correct!

  14. For those of you contemplating to watch that snatch balance video…it’s a good one! Nice post Mike. I like in those vids how they add the screen text when the guy hits it or misses his spots. Good learning tool…of course you’ve got to take it with a grain of salt too because as always….the open source thing.

  15. WOD – 25:28 with just the bar, box and jumping from plates.
    Getting better at the burpees 🙂 what a surprise! since I dont know how many we have done in the last week or two – same with squats – now I need to work on elbow height

  16. I found front squat technique challenging – two things I needed to say over and over were elbows up + knees out! The bar plays on me mentally, something I need to move past to get to bigger weight.

  17. WOD 21:30 (scaled to 135 on FS)

    This was another great workout to practice FS. Just kept watching Jon’s technique and repeating “mousetrap” to myself 60 times. Voila, no wrist pain.

    Too many expletives used on the BPU’s though. I think I will start to add 10 burpee’s each time a four letter word slips out. Like the swear jar but painful. ;o)