Anthony Capson’s Testimonial

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Mike & Amy,
Please have a look at this before and after.
I came to Crossfit to train for my upcoming tryout with team Canada football. What I didn’t expect was a life changing results; not only do I have a new look but I have a new lifestyle.
q       I’m sleeping better
q       More focused at work
q       Having a huge boost in sales as a result because of my lift in confidence
Starting weight 315
Weight today 255
Total weight loss in 45 days: 60lbs


  1. That’s an amazing transformation in a short time.

    We have many who have done amazing changes such as this as well…
    To name one, Sherri: not only has she lost the weight equivalent of an 8 yr old, but she has increased her strength on a consistent basis from the start. Let alone the unassisted pull ups she’s been performing during the WODs.

  2. Big credit goes to both Greg and Jon as well. They are not only great performers but great coaches as well.

    Here’s another example of how people feel about our facility.
    Mary has just recently started with us and is currently enrolled in our Fundamental sessions. Here’s what she shared with our co-workers.

    “I have been attending the CrossFit gym for the past two weeks and must say am not only enjoying the style of training, I can definitely see the benefits, as you always have access to a personal trainer who works with you specifically, and with the exercises being catered to your specific needs and abilities.

    CrossFit is a total body strengthening program/style of fitness training, and presently has a broad cross of people enrolled. Females range from 20’s-50’s, as do the males, and after speaking with other clients, they themselves have made significant improvements in their overall fitness, strength, appearance and health.

    I also am a member of the GoodLife and do enjoy , and have enjoyed, their training classes offered, but have to say have noticed much much more with the CrossFit training, how all muscle groups (muscles I didn’t even know existed!!! Yikes) are being worked, and as well how specific the trainers are in providing and teaching the PROPER format, for the best results, and also to PREVENT any injuries (as well as cater to any physical issues you may have).

    I encourage anyone who is interested in the above mentioned benefits, to attend and see how it can work for you. ”


  3. Wow – congratulations Tony!!!!! That’s unbelievable!!!

  4. Awesome job Tony!!!!

    Crazy stuff!!

  5. Wow Tony to say that I’m impressed would be a sad understatement, congrats that is incredible!