Wendler Strength Program

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We are beginning to follow the Wendler Strength Program as a group starting very soon. There were some good links provided a few days back. It is a linear progression that, if followed, can provide some significant strength gains.

We had a meeting on Wednesday night that some made it to. Trainer Greg has created a spreadsheet that will help you plan out your WSP for the next 5 months. I will be at bottom of post. If you are interested in following this program with the group, please contact us for info or speak to a trainer during your next session.

Here’s the document. Wendler(97-2003_Format)2┬áIn MS Excel Format

Or here’s Google Doc Format. CLICK HERE

Greg’s instructions/explanation are in comments…

Let’s start getting stronger!!!


  1. Attached is the Wendler spreadsheet. I’ve locked it down so that people can only edit their 1 rep maxes for each of the four movements. There are two tabs at the bottom: “Raw” which calculates the numbers to the nearest 1lb and “Rounded” which calculates the numbers to the next highest 5lb increment. This format covers Excel from 1997-2003 so anyone using those versions can use it. Anyone using 2007 or 2010 will have no trouble opening it, either. It seems to upload to Google Documents fairly easily too, just in case anyone wants to go that route.

    I’ve posted the Google Document version on the web too and it can be found here:

    You don’t need an account/sign in/whatever to use it – just go to the link, type in your numbers, print off, come to the gym and give ‘er!

    Other than that, this is the whole show!

    One note though….if anyone has a 1RM of less than 70lbs, you’ll get some funny numbers for the work sets. I don’t think anyone would have 70lbs as a 1RM for a press so we’re good there. If they do, however, I’ll just update the spreadsheet.


  2. got it! can’t wait to start!