Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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New Way of Assisted Pull Ups…Click HERE

Dress warm today, we will be getting re-acquainted with running outdoors. Weather dependent.

After warm-up, Run a lap, rest 1 min, one more lap. The alternative is a bit more…dramatic.


5 rounds for time of:
6 Snatches (135, 95)
6 Pistols, per leg

Post time and comments.

Wall balls with the lunch crew


  1. You have another thing coming sir if you think I’m running outside in February…

  2. -3 at noon…clear sidewalks…. You won’t like the alternative

  3. I think the alternative would be a row of some distant better than 500m and I am not fond of either at the moment

  4. I <3 Rest Day 😉

  5. “Constantly Varied” does not only apply to our movements, it applies to the environment we move in as well.

  6. Showed up to coach, did WOD instead.

    Running was not smart but this was not due to the cold (it was beautiful out at lunch), it was due to my Double Under obsession and the toll it has taken on my poor calves. Ouch! I see lots of lacrosse balls in my future….

    WOD: 12:19 @ 90lbs and full squat Snatches / Unassisted Pistols

  7. Did power snatches to work on form at 95 pounds and assisted pistols. Both these movements rely on form so be smart in chosing your weights!

    800m run was awesome and it was great to be outside again . Cold shower at end of training…Not so nice. ;o)

  8. Opted to do two 500m rows instead of running… followed by 20 burpees as part of my “consequences”. Thanks for helping guys!

    WOD: 10:51 with 20lb KB Snatches (6 each arm) and assisted pistols… pistols aren’t fun. I think I have to new goat!!

  9. Posterior Shin Splints…..yay, me 🙁

  10. 13:?? with 95lb and yer standard pistol.

    And I ran.

  11. 6:05 with the 45lb bar and assisted pistols. Actually anticipated hating the run, but it was kind of nice. Huge improvement endurance wise from when I started in November and we did our last WOD with running. Looking forward to spring!

  12. Couldn’t do snatches or cleans unfortunately so I did 20 double unders and the pistols… Goat alert.. Mixing those goats = a very frustrated, vulgar Ben.. However I got it done in some terrible amount of time I didn’t bother recording. I had to wait for mike and amy so I did another WOD at 6 that I’ve had my eye on from Crossfit Charlotte I think. 10 rounds of 10 pullups and 10 sit-ups, did leg raises at mike’s suggestion and may have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, was much happier with this one: 11:04. Small but great evening crew tonight, good work guys!

  13. 7:48 for a modified WOD – had to use the wooden dowel due to tennis elbow and did 12 squats instead of pistols. As I am not able to run, I did two 500m rows.

  14. for my first run since November/December and that was only short bursts of 100m – I survived the two trips around the block – yeah 🙂

    WOD – 12:xx – 65lb on the snatch – I felt I should have added another 10lbs to it – assisted pistols – right knee is tight – likely from the run as I have not done that distance since Ben was just a twinkle in his dads eye.

    We’ll see how it feels tomorrow – may just get a start on Wendler

  15. The running wasn’t near as awful as I had expected – only coughing up a little bit of phlegm today.

    10:44 @ 95lbs, pistols to the ball. Slow, but I’m still satisfied, as most of that time was turnover between snatches (I find I really need to think about the reset).I think I need to spend some time focusing on the shrug.

    After the workout I took out a 5lb plate, put it under my heel and did 3 pistols per leg quite easily (no ball). Much easier with the raised platform.