Thursday, February 24, 2011

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Work up to a 1RM of Bench Press. Keep mechanics tight.


21-15-9 Reps for time of:
Wallball (20, 14)
Pull up
Thruster (95, 65)
Box jump, (24/20)
KB Swings (50, 35)


  1. hahahaha holy crap lol

  2. hahahaha holy crap lol

  3. amen!!! gonna need some good tunes to get through this at 6am…. should be interesting 🙂

  4. So what’s the deal? We pick two or three from the list??

  5. Jen is that a hint to get new tunes on my ipod?

  6. Jen is that a hint to get new tunes on my ipod?

  7. Best showing for am class so far.
    4 people grinded this one out.
    Mary, Heather, Jenn, and Nick (after working night shift)
    Nick went outside for the Wallballs….in the morning…
    sooooo that leads me to enforce outdoors at noon…when sun is out and it’s warmer

  8. Nice work to everyone this morning!! It’s a tough one and no one complained.

  9. Nick – “Making men look like boys since Feb 24th.”

  10. Great workout!

    Bench strength with Jon: 135×12, 220×8, 250×3, 270×1, 280×1, 290xFAIL.

    WOD: 13:40 Could have shaved a lot of time off if I kept kips tighter. Waaaay to sloppy. Practice, practice, practice. ;o)

  11. Fun workout….all about hip drive!

    245 Bench and 11:45 on the WOD….with MJ hot on my heels after a staggered start!

  12. 200 lbs bench, 11:57 on the WOD @ 75 lbs thrusters. My back seems healed, ready for more weight now! Did the tires for box jumps.

  13. Bench Press 105 lbs (+10)

    WOD 20:10 – felt slow BUT I used 16lbs for Wallballs because I did them inside lol, #1 band for all the pull ups (1st time being able to do so! :)), thrusters as Rx’d (65lb), box jumps as Rx’d & KB swings as Rx’d (35lb).
    I’m getting stronger YAY :).

  14. good work 6pmers
    Felt bad that I did not do the WOD – knee was not 100% from yesterday
    better to rest and come back on Monday ready to go.
    Bench Press – 140lbs – a good starting point
    Instead of WOD – set goal of AMRAP of 21 box jumps and 21 mtn climbers for each leg in the time that the first person finished WOD
    managed 6 rounds + 3 when Sherri finished.
    Almost at 20″ for jumps used 2*45 and 2*35 weights for height

  15. Bench press – 275 lbs

    WOD – 14:00 Those box jumps need to be a GOAT for sure! And pull ups too:)

  16. WOD: 17:27
    did 55 on the thrusters (don’t want to add to the little pool of water on my knee lol)
    #1 band for pull ups
    Great job by everyone last night!

    95 lb on the bench press

  17. 16:06 Wod, 80 bench press, 30lb kettle, 40 lb thrusters, 2 band for pullups. wacked my nose with wall balls.