Monday, February 28, 2011

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Today is the start of the Wendler 5/3/1. Get a good warm up in, and get it done efficiently.

5 Rounds for time of:
5 Clean and Jerks (155, 105)
10 C2B Pull ups

Games Competitors

Work on Box Squats, 8 sets of 2 reps. (50-60%) Rest 1 min between sets.

Melissa in the zone!


  1. I’ve created a shorter/nicer version of the spreadsheet located here.

    This calculates your numbers for only 2 cycles (8 weeks) instead of 5 (20 weeks) and shows you exactly how many reps at what weight to do for each movement.

  2. the new one looks great

  3. It’s our Wendler Dashboard!!

  4. Note to morining crew: we didn’t do this today but if you’re interested then we’ll start tomorrow. Download the spreadsheet and fill in your numbers so we don’t have to figure them out tomorrow or flip through the wod book to find them out.

    See you in the morning!

  5. If we do a super quick warmup can we try and fit in today’s and tomorrow’s in one shot?

    Mike, thanks for the handstand help last week!!! I got in some good ones this morning 😀

  6. Pre-WOD Strength: Wendler 5 Squats

    WOD: 12:59 @ 135lbs C&J and C2B Butterfly Kips (all singles…ugh)

    Jenn – you’re coming 4x per week already, correct? There is enough flexibility with the Wendler strength to just do your Squats tomorrow and you’ll still be on track…no need to double-up. Especially tomorrow…rumour has it, it’s sort of a big WOD 😉

  7. WOD 8:44 (I think) @ Rx’d

    Box Squats @ 135llbs

  8. Greg, i put my numbers into the new worksheet and it’s coming up with things like a 15 lb press / bench press lol, press is 90 / bench press is 95. i’m not sure what to use to do a 15 lb press lol…

  9. You’ll see those kinds of numbers on the spreadsheet on your Deload weeks because they’re, well, Deload weeks – super light weights.

    For these, you could either just use an empty bar for your warmup and first work set, or select two Kettlebells and do Kettlebell Bench Presses. This will be more challenging than a bar as it’ll add another possible direction the weight can move, but is a viable workaround for sub-40lb weights.

  10. Wendler 5 to start

    Wod:14:24ish @ (true) 125lbs. It was good to go up. Normally I do any jerk workouts scaled to 115. For the extra 5 lbs I should have just slapped a plate on either end instead. Definitely underestimated the pull-ups.

  11. Not many showed up tonight…. we were there in full force.

    First Wendler experience. Squat.
    Warm up
    3×195…#s a bit high…didn’t bring sheet with me.

    Working sets.
    AMRAP 275.5 – 8 Reps. Got to use Greg’s incrementals.

    WOD – Smoked my lats by 3rd round.
    8:26 rx’d. Felt a little rough.

    PS…sorry about saying it was Filthy Fifty tomorrow….you now know what the WOD will be next Tuesday.