Thursday, March 3, 2011

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READ THIS: Setting the bar: What that means by CrossFit Raleigh

6 Round for time of:
12 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95, 65)
12 Push Presses (95, 65)

Then for Games Competitors

3 Muscle Ups on the minute for 10 minutes

“I am stronger today than I was yesterday, but not as strong as I will be tomorrow

What happens when you don’t read, “How to NOT get hurt doing CrossFit” 🙂


  1. Nightline aired an interview with Robb Wolf and Art De Vany

    Bonus points for…

    * stressing the inclusion of vegetables
    * showing CrossFit as a supportive tribe of people striving to be their best
    * Art towing a car, and Robb walking on his hands
    * making the traditional nutritionists look like pinchy, skinny wannabes next to our paleo leaders – maybe we should take them out for a steak and a CrossFit workout!

    Demerits for…

    * the nutritionist who cautioned to “watch the fat”

    Watch this Video

  2. Here’s another good article passed on by Ray.

    It’s an interview with Wendler, about Wendler 5/3/1

    Read it

  3. Press gone bad Chris?

  4. Wendler (Shoulder Press) – 5×65, 5×80, 3×95,5×105,5×120, AMRAP 6×135

    WOD – 9:07 Shoulders are toast!

    Big thanks to coach J for the after WOD help on proper Sumo technique.

  5. This…. This was not a good day…

    19:43ish? as Rx’d… should not be doubling most people’s time (and I don’t feel like I should have to scale this one). Maybe a food or sleep issue?

  6. wod: 10:26
    65 lb sumo
    45 lb push press

    Wendler: did 6 reps on press with 60 lbs

  7. Deadlift Wendler – 5 reps at 180 lbs – shoulders are toast from the past two days of grinders

    WOD – 13:10 at 65lbs for both SDHP and PP
    Had no leg drive today even deadlift was not that great

    time to rest – may be in just for Wendler bench

  8. Yes Nick – it was – moral – get face out of way when bar is coming down
    Skin does not stand a chance against metal

  9. Did my warm up…Went through all the sets…Had issues with squats..they are a bitch…more sore today than yesterday..but it’s only muscles..haven’t popped the hips yet!!!Fun fun fun