Friday, March 4, 2011

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We will be having an information session and free trial at 11am tomorrow…invite anyone you know might be interested and let’s help our community grow!!

READ THIS: 8 Signs You Are Overtraining by Albany CrossFit

For time:
5 Rounds for time of:
15 Back Squats (135, 95)
15 Recline Ring Rows

Back Squats are taken from the ground, no racks.

Post time and comments

I would love to have that weekend back!!


  1. Man, those ring rows are deceptively tough! Holding your body rigid works your core & quads big time! Enjoyed this WOD though… didn’t check exact time, but I think it was around 14mins? Back squats were @ 65lbs which made the press over my head a litte challenging, especially towards the end!

  2. Wendler: (Squat) 5×130,5×165,3×195,5×215,5×245, AMRAP 4×280…

    WOD-14:39 @Rx’d

    Mental note: Wendler squats + WOD squats = Funny looking cramp dance! :o) Will be using the Mobility WOD link a lot this weekend. Great week of programming and training by everyone involved.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Comments are laaaaame today….come on cfsj….keep me entertained!!

  4. Still feeing wiped from last 2 days of fighting off a cold

    Wendler DL = Ass kicked
    warm up 5.x5x3 – 155, 195, 235
    Work sets 5x5xAMRAP – 255,295,330×7 OMF!!!

    Then the WOD – 11:30rx’d…lost track of rounds…almost did a 6th I guess.

  5. Dear Recline Ring Rows: I hate you. You suck.

    For once I am not crying about the squatting. Its all about my hate for the ring rows. New goat to add to the list!

    I don’t remember my time- 11 something??

  6. Dear Melissa,


  7. yup definitely feeling this one lol… did 65 lbs on the squats… definitely did NOT enjoy the rows using the rack… damn rack lol…
    Wendler: deadlifts, amrap was 10 reps at 170

  8. Dear Ring Rows:

    Don’t be so quick to laugh. I’ll have you yet!!

  9. Dragged over the coals by Mike for not using the brace on my arm ALL the time during the day. Then he let me use the rack for the back squats so maybe he has a soft side after all ;P
    Time was 9:50

  10. Dear Sue,
    NO.. He does not have a soft side..I got raked over the coals for coming in yesterday and not resting as told…then got laughed at for mentioning how sore my butt was…

  11. Felt good today – had a nice massage before coming in – right side shoulder and neck really needed it.

    Came in just for Wendler Bench press
    did all Rx’d workups 5-5-amrap @ 85lb – 95lb – 14@110lbs
    From the day we did the Max for Wendler I struggled a lot with gettting to Max on all of them – today it felt like I could do a lot more than my 140 max.
    Here’s a thought maybe need to get massaged more…

  12. Wendler 5 Deadlifts (light version, because I can’t do simple math in my head)

    WOD: 17:25 Rx’d

    Ring Rows were just like Ring Dips to me….without the ability to kip – damn you raw strength! 😀